VG-21 Squadron


Montanair_pdl_adjst_1.jpg (65461 bytes)This picture of the pilot's left side panel shows the new throttle, pedal adjustment, and the revised flap handle.  Moving the instrument panel forward 4 allowed space to move the throttle forward . This seemed to me to be a comfortable position and allowed more space between the new diameter trim wheel and the throttle.

Montanair_swtch_pnl_1.jpg (82905 bytes)This right side interior photo shows some of the new instrument panel, the glare shield left by moving the instrument panel forward 4 inches, the location of the cabin air inlet and the revised switch/fuse panel layout. The cabin air inlet location was changed to avoid cutting holes in the canopy glass. The new position on both sides of the glare shield turned out to provide very good air flow to the pilot and even a little to the passenger.  The switch panel shape was changed to allow a hinge attachment so that the panel could swing in to allow for changes or maintenance without removing the exterior side panel. The fuses were to be replaced with circuit breakers at a later time, but I never got to it.  The handle with the red knob was for canopy ejection. 

montana_pilot_floor.jpg (54434 bytes)This photo of the pilot's floor shows the relocation of the fuselage truss side load diagonal members (to below the floor) and the two piece fiberglass floor panel with heel wells.


Montanair_trim_1.jpg (75201 bytes)The drive on the Montanair elevator trim control was reduced from a 14 tooth to a 10 tooth sprocket and the added trim wheel has a 3" radius instead of the 2" handle on the Varga.  This reduces the force required for pitch trim (especially nose down) and makes finer trim adjustments a little easier. One negative consequence of these changes is that it is now possible to turn the handle 360 degrees which makes a separate trim indicator desirable.


montanair_varga_panel1.jpg (192317 bytes)

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