VG-21 Squadron


Varga/Shinn VG-21 Squadron

No. 8 Sept. 23, 1991

It's been four months since the last Newsletter, and there's a lot to report. The Annual Meeting, held June 29. Was poorly attended due to weather. Dense fog covered most of Northern California and without an IFR rating, most of us just couldn't get there. Rolf Lehman. Janis Wild. and Lee and I made the Ruth Ranch fly-in. There were a number of Mooney pilots there who had a great time inspecting the Vargas. The weather was perfect, food was good, pool was almost warm, and enough varied activities to keep everyone busy and happy. Overnight accommodations are very reasonable - it's just a great place to visit.

Arlington EAA fly-in was attended by several Vargas, including Bill Clark, Bill & Judy Gimple. Carl & Evelyn Sigg, Pat & Lee Beery, and new member. Casey Brady who flies a 1958 Morrisey 2150! Flying to Arlington was fun, but after attending the EAA's Sun 'n' Fun and Oshkosh, we were very disappointed in Arlington. Following a couple of days at Arlington, Bill 6 Judy returned home. Carl & Evelyn flew to Alaska, and Lee and I went to Friday Harbor. I've asked Carl to write some comments about his trip to Alaska which he promises to do before our next Newsletter. On our way home from Friday harbor, we stopped in Salem and met another new member, Myron H. Buswell who flies a 1962 Shinn. Myron is a WWII B-24 pilot with 21,800 hours in his logbook, 2300 in his Shinn. And I almost forgot to mention meeting Karyl Drake in Arlington. She flies beautiful Ercoupe, saw our Vargas, and is trying to buy one. She phoned a few weeks ago and advised she was planning to visit Al Homan in Redding, CR to view his varga taildragger which is up for sale.

A few weeks ago, also received a call from new member John R. Gamery of Navarre, Ohio. He's the proud owner of a 1978 Varga, once owned by Clifford L. Shinn. John Falkner, another new member, phoned from Transfer, PA. He owns Varga N8417J, a 1980, serial no. 159, which he keeps at Napodano, a private field near Transfer. And last, but certainly not least, two days ago I received a letter from new member. William J. (Bill) Morrisey. I'm taking the liberty of reproducing his letter for your interest.

I also received a letter from Allen Drozs of Decatur, Illinois. Allen advised that he is 18 years old, has 15 hours in Vargas, seen the wreckage of two, and was a passenger in the second. In both accidents, pilots and passengers walked away without a scratch. He also said he is a member of the Illinois CAP and that 6% of the Vargas built are owned by the Ill. CAP. I responded to Allen and included a request for accident findings as well as any information he could provide regarding who to contact regarding parts from the two Vargas totalled.

I'm providing Carl Sigg with the information I have regarding new members and asking him to mail everybody a copy of the updated list. If any of the new members can provide additional information (fill in the blanks) on the new list, please contact Carl Sigg direct.

READ THIS - This may be the only organization to advise its members not to send any more money! Our copy and mailing fund is in great shape. While your contributions are truly appreciated, I'm not in this for the money. Your continued interest and participation is requested - and appreciated!

NEXT MEETING - OCTOBER 12, LAMPSON FIELD. Our original plans called for a lunch meeting at the Flying Lady Restaurant, South County Airport, but we have learned that it is closed. Because Lee and I have relocated at Lampson Field into a larger and much nicer hanger, we made the autocratic decision to have the October meeting at our hanger. We call our new hangar the "Varga Service Center" and it is located adjacent to the Skyroom Restaurant. This meeting will be devoted to Varga/Shinn maintenance and will start at 10:00 a.m. We will break for lunch at the Skyroom around noon if you can't spend the day. Lee has the latest edition of AC43 dealing with approved methods and techniques plus the new FAA manual for maintenance technicians. Topics to be covered: pilot/owner maintenance, progressive maintenance, modifications, affordable annual inspections, plus how to correct many items known to bother many Varga/Shinn owners. This should be a very worthwhile meeting so plan to make a day of it. If you would like to stay overnight, we can make arrangements for you - just let us know. This would a great opportunity for John Vance to attend and show off his newly refurbished, beautiful Varga. How 'bout it John?

Pat Beery

MORRISEY 12 September 1991

Varga Shinn VG 21 Squadron 1815 Soda Bay Road Kelseyville, CA 95451

Attention: Patricia Beery

12 September 1991

My check in the amount of $10.00 is enclosed in application for membership in your squadron. Any information, which is published in relation to your airplanes and activities, will be anticipated.

I feel obliged to advise you, however, that I do not own airplane that is commonly referred to as either Varga or Shinn.

At the present time I am preparing to fly the Morrisey Model 200O, which we have rebuilt completely. This airplane is the original prototype from which the Model 2150 was developed by the addition of the 150 hp engine.

The 2000 was used in Panama, Central America and also in a number of South American countries for over 23 years

The Morrisey company built the first ten Model 2150 aircraft. Then permitted Shinn to build under license on our tooling. If there are any about in your area, you may see that the name plate carries our name, But manufactured by Shinn. I recall our disappointment when difficulties in the Shinn management team caused the production to end after 35 airplanes were built.

I tender my apology that you have been drawn through a thicket of words , hardly important because I only wanted To send a check.


Wm. J. Morrisey

MORRISEY AIRCRAFT CO. P.O. BOX 27889, LAS VEGAS, NV 89126 702 251-5561