VG-21 Squadron


Varga/Shinn VG-21 Squadron

No. 7 June 18, 1991

We regret to report the loss of one of our members. On Friday, May 6, Gene Parker tragically lost his life when his Varga went down near Livermore airport. It was a common sight to see Gene and Carl Sigg flying their Yargas on Saturdays, just for the fun of it. Most of us saw Gene in April at our Columbia get-together. He was just recovering from a broken leg and required transportation from the airport to the downtown area. We will miss him.

While it in much too soon for the NTSB to issue their findings, when Gene radioed his Mayday to the LVR tower, he reported, oil, smoke and fumes in the cockpit. I believe it behooves all of us to check our oil lines, make sure our exhaust system is in good condition and all attachments firmly in place, and if you have high oil temp, get busy and start correcting it. Gene was a good, conscientious pilot and his Varga was well maintained. So take a couple of hours and nit-pick your airplane - even if it's had a recent annual!

MERCED - Joe and Marj Conner led a flight of four Vargas to the Merced fly-in. Tucked in behind Joe, we had Lee Beery. Del Lutz, and Henry Freixas. The total count of Vargas at Merced wan ten. Unfortunately, due to the parking area assigned to the VG-21 Squadron, our group was the best kept secret of the day. Joining us for the first time, we welcome the following new members to the VG-21 Squadron:

W5600C 2180 Henry Freixas: Pacific Palisades, Ca N5600J 2180 Del Lutz: Dallas, Texas N56002 2180 "T" Bill Clark: Lancaster. Ca N215WM 2150 Jim Doyle: Northridge, Ca

Also in attendance were VG-21 pilots Pat Baylor, Lee Beery, Joe Conner, Rosemary DeAngelo, Carl Sigg, and Jack Skarratt. I was under the weather so Lee cancelled his plans to fly his Baby Lakes and took my Varga so as to add to the Varga count. We did manage to get both the Vargas and Baby Lakes to the Ukiah air show. Anyway, Merced field was filled with aircraft. It was hot, but a light wind made it comfortable. Pat Baylor brought her custom-made jacket with the Kachina Doll painted on the back. It is a real piece of art. Anyone interested in same should contact Pat Baylor. She also has a pull-out map shelf that attaches to the instrument panel that had several members interested. More on that item later. It was also interesting that the new members to our squadron, Henry, Del, and Bill, flew the 180 HP Vargas and Bill's is a taildragger painted in US Marine colors. Also, Bill plans to attend the Arlington EAA convention so we are looking forward to that outing. That makes four of our group attending Arlington. Joe Conner found a great deal at Merced for all Varga owners. For a limited time only (offer good until Sept. 1), you can replace the existing instrument panel vinyl cover with a custom-made low matte rug type material that prevents radiant heating of the cockpit and is guaranteed not to fade for $50.00. In addition, you will receive new carpet (three pieces) to cover the shelf behind the rear seat, the smsll vertical bullhead that has the aircraft document pouch attached, and lastly, the turtle back cover just aft of the bullhead. These three rugs can be in the color of your choice. For Vargas with blue seat upholstery, the color choice is #518. Even if you don't need new carpet now, it would be a good investment to have this material an hand for when it is needed at this low price. This offer of $50.00 is this firm's way of supporting the efforts of the VG-21 Squadron because at that price, it will just cover material and labor. Our thanks to Dale Ploung, owner of Aviation Veneers, 2431 Northmoor Dr., Corona, CA 91720 (714-371-2508) for this great offer. TO ORDER YOUR CARPET SET, contact Joe Conner (209-836-2213), NO LATER THAN AUGUST 15th.

UKIAH - Three Vargas departed Lampson Field at 9:00 am on Father's Day, June 16, and the fourth joined us in the air. Rolf, Alex, Pat & Lee joined up with Jack in the air and off we flew, in formation, to the Ukiah Air Show. Prior arrangements with the air show 'Boss', Ernie Villegas, gave us front line display parking and the show PA announcer gave us good publicity throughout the day. If the number of hand and fingerprints are any indication, the Vargas were thoroughly inspected by each of the several thousand people attending the show. The weather was perfect, the show performers were great, and best of all. there were no incidents of any kind. This is a small town effort, fully supported by local residents and businessmen, and benefits the many worthwhile projects of the Lions Club. The non-flying public drove for miles to attend and everyone had a great day. Air traffic and parking was handled very well both on arrival and departure and the runway is twice the size any of us need. Mr. Villegas phoned on Tuesday following the show to thank the Vargas for coming and to express his eagerness for our participation again next year. He also emphasized that next year he'll be sure to reserve even better parking for us, behind spectator ropes if we desire. He stated that it was the first time Vargas had been on display at the Ukiah Air Show and they were a big hit with the public and the air show promoters. So, gang, we're such good guests, they want us back! Although I've attended countless air shows over the past 20 years, this was my first at Ukiah. They do an outstanding job and I highly recommend it for a 1992 vG-21 Squadron activity. We were advised prior to show day that the FAA would be on site and performing ramp checks. Although we didn't see any ramp checks being performed, it's a good reminder to all of us to be sure we have all our paperwork in order and onboard, including a current chart, at all times.

AUG. 9-10-11 - FLYING DOUBLE A RANCH (RUTH, CA). I made our reservations on June 18. A double (King size bed) is $49/night plus tax and a $30/night deposit required to hold your room. When I called they still had 12 rooms available and several tents. Tent rare is $27 (or was it $27.50$) plus tax. Tents have wooden floors. cots (bedding included), night stands, lights, and close to fully equipped bath house.. The food has always been excellent, the bar is a blast, and it's a wonderful place to get away from it all and have a fun outing. There are many activities our non-pilot back seat drivers can enjoy, including tennis, horseback riding, shooting, fishing, bike riding, swimming, etc., etc. Dress is very casual. Make your reservations SOON by calling 707-574-6227 and let us know if you're coming (707-279-0259).

Thanks to all of you for your interest and participation. Hope to see you at Carmel Valley on June 29th.

Pat Beery


New member Al Roman, Redding, CA, is offering his tailwheel 1979 Varga "T" for sale. It has approximately 500 hours total time. It is well equipped, very nice looking, and not over-priced.