VG-21 Squadron





(by Lee & Pat Beery)

We thought the last newsletter was a good one and would draw some comments from the squadron members but we have been disappointed. There was little said about developing a new VG-2 1 website; no feedback at all about the “hold your breath episode”; and the maintenance item on that subject, which was a surprise.


The product review brought one comment claiming that our article was more like product bashing rather than a review. There were no inquiries about dealing with the loss of medical due to prostrate cancer treatment. No comments either about the Aircraft Data Sheet included in the newsletter. There were some mixed comments on the subject of club caps. The basic request was for decals and caps with an aircraft silhouette.

It is hard for the two of us to devote the necessary time and effort producing newsletters when it is such a solo job and draws little attention. As founders of this club, we have a sincere interest in the continuation of the club, but due to what we perceive as a lack of interest, the final newsletter of the year, Number 59, will be our last. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but we feel we may be the reason for the lack of interest and that it is time for us to step away.

Money is the not issue so please do not send money.

Unfortunately, we recently received a very flattering letter from Cliff Shinn thanking us for what we have done for the club along with a very nice donation. If no one takes over from us, we intend to return his donation.


Loss of Medical Part Two
(by Lee Beery)

Whoopee! I have my medical back. Based on what I have heard from other pilots who were denied a medical due to prostrate cancer, I was very lucky to get my certificate back so soon. I think the reason it happened so fast was due to getting the AOPA involved. Once the AOPA had copies of all my documents that I had provided to the FAA, things started to happen. Two weeks later I had my medical. Let me assure you, I sent the young lady at AOPA who was helping me a great big thank you.


Vargafest 07 - Oct. 5 - 7
(by Dave Casey)

The second annual Central Coast Fly-In will be at the same location as last year, Santa Maria Airport (KSMX). There is a Raddison Hotel right on the field. Phone 805-928-8000.                            




1200 — 1900 Arrival

1900 = 2200 Officers Call

(Raddison Bar & Grill)


0900 — 1200 Aircraft to DuSairs Hangar
1200 — 1700 Static Display
1200 — 1400 Mess Hall Opens for Burgers
1500 — 1700 Museum Tour(s)
1800 — 1900 Officers Call
1900 — Dining
2100 — Awards & Decorations


1000 - 1015 Launch the Fleet
1015 - 1045 Pismo Beach Flight
1045 - 1100 Recovery Oceano Airport
1100 - 1300 Chow
1300 - 1330 Depart/RTB (Return To Base)


Cliff Shinn’s E-Mail

I hope Cliff Shinn doesn’t mind, but we thought his e-mail was so interesting we wanted to share it with all of you:

“I purchased the manufacturing rights for the Morrisey Aircraft from Bill Morrisey who had produced 10 airplanes, largely without any production tooling. Since my company, Shinn Engineering, Inc., had extensive experience in the production of aircraft and space vehicle components for all the major prime contractors, I constructed complete production tooling with which to build the plane and renamed it the ‘Shinn 2150-A.’ I constructed 35 Shinns before selling the project to George W. Varga, a friend of mine who was in the military and civilian aircraft spare parts business. The tooling is still used today for spare parts!”

Arlington 2007

Dave Casey and Jon Proehl invited me to join them to make it a 3-ship fly-in to the EAA gathering at Arlington , WA . Dave has a cabin at Roche Harbor just one block from the runway and keeps his Morrisey there during the summer. Jon has his Varga tied down next to Dave’s plane. Dave and Jon have been best of friends for many years, both serving in Desert Storm as F4 pilots and as senior pilots for American Air Lines. Jon is on leave from AA as he is at the present time, the commanding officer of the Nevada National Guard Air Wing.

As it turned out, Jon was called back to Washington DC so it was a two- ship formation to Arlington . We had hoped to include the Clarks (East Sound, WA) but their plane was down because of exhaust pipe problems and Carl Hamlin (Camano Island) reported his was down for its annual. We did stop by for a short visit with Janet and Bill Clark on our return to Roche Harbor .

Dave and his brother fixed the best seafood I have ever had. The catch came right off the boat. I think the EEAers at Arlington did an outstanding job. It was a well run show. As an example, when you exited the runway, a guide on a motor scooter latched on to you and escorted you to your parking spot. Also on this trip, I was able to stop at Gig Harbor to visit long time friends of ours, Don and Donette
Wright. They were both United employees; Don a pilot and Donette worked in Flight Operations. Their home is right at the Tacoma Narrows bridge and they keep their RV6 nearby at Bremerton Airport . I had a great visit with them. Overall, the flying trip was great although I did turn back one time to wait for better weather.


Letter from Member David Shirey

We are sending along excerpts about his 2180 tail dragger that is in desert camouflage with British markings. He has owned this airplane since July 1993 with 735 hours. Now with 1450 hours, with two overhauls. Once when cam and followers were shot and at 1440 hours because the overhaul shop had used reconditioned followers and the surface flaked off. He’s had the airplane to Oshkosh 3 times, Sun & Fun once, toured the east coast and the Hudson River Corridor in New York a year before 9-11 and has some beautiful pictures of the trade center.

From 1990 to 1995 he owned 8421J, a 1980 2150A. He and his 19 year old son flew to Augusta Kansas to buy 5600Y after seeing it advertised in Trade-A-Plane. He goes on to say that the trip back with his son in the 2150A and him in the 2180TG was one of his fondest memories. They got a lot of attention wherever they landed. He also owns a Cirrus SR2O, Mini Max and is building a Fisher Celebrity.

He wrote to set the record straight. While looking at the Varga/Shinn website, he noticed it says 56002 was the last Varga built and one of the two tail draggers. They also show 56002 as #188-82 when that is, in fact, his serial number for 5600Y.

Pat & Lee Beery


Maintenance Item #30