VG-21 Squadron




Newsletter #56 January 2007
From the Editor

Happy New Year!

Hoping everyone had a great holiday season and a chance to fly along with shopping, eating, visiting and other holiday festivities. The current extreme cold sweeping through the country is no doubt affecting all of us. I’ve been reviewing procedures for ice, carb heat, cabin heat, carbon monoxide concerns, etc. Have you had anything interesting, unusual or unexpected happen while flying in this extreme cold? If so, please share it by emailing me or Lee and Pat ( so that we can include it in the Newsletter. My new Varga has an engine heater. Living in Arizona, I doubt I’ll use it often, but I’d like to hear from those of you who use them ... when do you use it (temps, length of time, etc.)?

A couple of you sent in newsletter items; thank you for your contributions. With 80 members, surely more of you have valuable experiences to share. Next time you have a problem, repair, comment or question regarding your airplane and/or flying, please take a few minutes to let us know what it was and how you resolved it. This info can benefit all of us and will continue to make this Newsletter interesting, informative and worthwhile.

Warmth & blue skies,
Shirley DaMotta
X.rnnushaL8y @aolcorn (480-633-6726)


The idea to have a club website was researched and vetoed some time ago for financial feasibility and accessibility reasons. Costs for this have decreased and internet accessibility has increased over the past five years, and some of us feel it is both beneficial and necessary to bring the club info and the way it is disseminated to members into the new millennium.

The website would have the following sections: History (on the airplanes and the club and info on how to join); Maintenance (all prior maintenance items and descriptions of various repairs and other issues such as, paint, upholstery, instruments, mods/337s, suppliers, etc.); Newsletters (the current and all prior newsletters would be accessible and downloadable, and an email would notify all members when a new newsletter is up); Members (current membership list, available to members only); Bulletin Board (a forum where members can ask/post questions or comments any time day or night); Upcoming Events; and Photo Gallery.

Advantages over the current arrangement of a printed/mailed newsletter and informal phone/email system of dispersing info are: the website would make ALL prior printed material accessible — many of us do not have hard copies of newsletters/maintenance items printed prior to joining the club or buying our airplanes; photos could be incorporated because the high cost of reproducing them in a newsletter would be eliminated; questions and answers could be asked and answered online with bulletin board posting which would allow others to read, print and save, and benefit from all info being exchanged; as much info as possible would be downloadable and printable (PDF format); and of course, it would eliminate the cost of printing and postage for each new newsletter. MOST IMPORTANTLY — some of this knowledge, info and history will be gone forever if we don’t find a better, more effective way than our current hardcopy-only newsletter to make it available.

How do you feel about club funds being used to develop and maintain such a site? Would you be willing to make a nominal yearly contribution to cover the cost ($10 to $20/yr)? Please take a moment and send a joint email to Shirley ( and Lee and Pat ( and let us know your positive or negative comments, ideas, or suggestions.



Do you have any magazine articles, advertisements or promotional items for the Morrisey, Shinn, or Varga that you can share? The only historical material still floating around about these airplanes is in peoples private collections. Most of us love to have these old articles and ads in our collections, even if they are just copies. If you have any such material that you would be willing to either copy and send via regular mail or scan into a PDF and share with the rest of us, please send it to me. If it is an article or ad, please include the source, date, and/or any other info you know about it. This is the kind of valuable history that often inadvertently gets thrown away and lost forever if we don’t preserve, duplicate and share it. We could put everything we collectively gather onto a CD if others are interested. The fun is seeing an old ad and recognizing the plane as one belonging to one of our members.


Last year, the VG-21 Squadron’s southern California members hosted a Varga fly-in in May in Santa Maria. There was a good turn out, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great way to meet other members and exchange ideas and information. It has been suggested that Arizona members might host such an event in 2007, perhaps in conjunction with the EAA’s Copperstate event. The idea for a northern California gathering in the Spring — a camp out at Columbia — has also been offered. What about members in the middle or on the East Coast? Anyone interested in getting together with other members in your area to begin arranging a Varga event for 2007? These take a little time and effort to plan, so no time like the present to start talking and looking into logistics. If you’re interested, please contact Lee and Pat or Shirley.


I am compiling a collection of Morrisey/Shinn/Varga photos by N-number as part of our historical documentation. I have photos of some member airplanes. If you haven’t already done so, please email a photo of your airplane with its N-number to me at It will be kept in our club collection and not published anywhere without permission. If you have photos of others that we might not have, please forward those as well. Thanks in advance.

FUSES (submitted by Paul Moses,

I recently encountered a problem that other Shinn/Varga owners may encounter or, since I am a relatively new owner, maybe this problem has been identified and resolved.

After allowing my Shinn to sit in the hanger for several weeks, the battery was a little low but started the engine OK. However, after starting, the alternator put out a high charge rate for a couple of minutes. This blew the 40- amp fuse in the “Generator” circuit.

While searching for the AGS-40 fuse listed in the parts manual, I found that this fuse is no longer manufactured. They were not available from any of the normal supply houses including Graybar and Grainger. After searching online, I found that the AGS-40 fuse was also used in older travel trailers and motor homes, so I visited a local recreational vehicle parts supplier that has been in that business for many years, and they allowed me to search through a box of old fuses. Viola! I found a package of five AGS-40 fuses.

So if you need AGS-40 fuses, try older recreational vehicle parts suppliers.

A better solution would be to replace the fuses with circuit breakers. Is there a 337 available to do this??

Editor note: I replaced the fuses with circuit breakers on my Shinn. My mechanics said that a 337 is not necessary because it is not considered to be a major repair or alteration. If you’ve done this and your experience re the 337 is different, please let us know.


COWL DESIGN (submitted by Paul Moses,

While reviewing the Varga parts and service manuals, I found that one of the BIG differences between my Shinn and the Varga is the cowl design. On my Shinn, parts of both the upper and lower cowl are riveted to the nose bowl. To remove the cowl you must first remove the spinner, prop, and nose bowl. On the Varga, the cowl appears to be fastened to the nose bowl with screws, allowing removal of the entire cowl without removing the prop and nose bowl. Has anyone “upgraded” their Shinn to this type cowl/nose bowl? Does anyone have a good Varga cowl and nose bowl for sale?

CO DETECTORS (submitted by Greg Judy)

I had owned my Varga about a month (Feb 2006) and took a nearly 3-1/2 hr. (total) flight to visit my folks. I seemed to have had headaches after flying, and it was much more noticeable at that time. I found some staining on the cowl that looked like exhaust, but I didn’t know if it was a new problem or not. I didn’t find anything loose until after I made the flight back home, again with a headache. I then discovered that the whole front of the muffler broke out and was held together by the heater shroud, so I was getting a full blast of exhaust. I also had the vent open in my face during that last flight, and I was very fortunate that I did not become another statistic!

I had the entire exhaust system rebuilt, and the problem was solved. I used the small chemical (changing color) CO card over the summer.
It finally got cold enough in November to switch over the heat (I’m in Texas). I noticed that the chemical detector was black! It had been exposed to something — CO, ammonia, fuel, extreme heat or humidity — I don’t know. I’ve done a lot of reading and know these cards are not reliable or fast-acting enough. I almost bought the CoStar (around $45) as it looked really good.

I kept digging for information on the internet until I found a comparison of 5-6 units. Several sources recommended (and explained why) the Aeromedix .com CO Experts 2002 unit. It has a very low parts-per-million detection rate and costs around $130. See Nov 2005 Aviation Consumer. I’ll get one ordered after Christmas to determine if I really have a CO problem again or not.


Member Ad:
1961 Shinn 2150 • Hangared in Santa Rosa, California • Price: $38,000
2591 TTSN; 167 SMOH; Bright yellow military paint; KX155 & TX.
Contact: Frank Gulick (707) 539-3083

Member Ad: 1962 Morrisey/Shinn N5142V • Hangared at Eagle Airpark in Fort Mohave, Arizona Price for VG-21 members: $32,500; others, $35,000 or $36,000 w/fresh annual (alc is out of annual) 1717 TT; 572 SMOH; Lycoming 0-320 A2C, 150 hp; all original logbooks
Last year’s annual consisted of a 3/4 tear down and extensive corrosion control maintenance; ALL hoses were replaced; new Slick mags and harness; new Slick Shower of Sparks; some new instruments; new wiring; extra metal prop; maybe a Garmin 195. Flown 8 hours since last annual.
Contact: Buddy Wyatt <>

Non-Member Ad: 1978 Varga 2150A • Las Vegas, Nevada • Price: $46,000
1450 TTA&E; Annual 06/06; New avionics package installed 04/06 includes IFR KA-24 audio panel, KX155w/GS, KLX-135 GPS/w Map, PS-bOO intercom, KT-76 Xponder w/alt; electrical system upgrade; autogas STC
Contact: Patti G. Stevens (702) 838-3910; fax (702) 295-2846


VG-21 Squadron Membership List (January, 2007)

Barnstorming Adventures,6743 Montia Ct.,,Carlsbad, CA 92009-3323 N3150W
Atkinson, Joe,,636 E. Deepdale Rd.,,Phoenix, AZ 85022 N8417J
Axeirod, Richard,Caledonia Flying Club,Box 471 ,,Lyndonville, VT 05851 N4644V
-Baker, Ernest,,2001 Rockport Ct.,,Fort Collins, CO 80528 open
Baker, Nelson,,344 E. Beech,,Alliance, OH 44601 N4635V
Beery, Pat & Lee,,3450 Shoreline View Way,,Kelseyville, CA 95451 N5062V
Beulen, Brian & Helen,,5225 E. Elmwood Cir.,,Mesa, AZ 85205 N5128V
Bishop, Max,,2062 West Gila Lane,,Chandler, AZ 85224 N6220X
Bolster, Bill,,Box 1041 ,,Joshua Tree, CA 92252 N4642V
Burns, Mark G.,,1 109 Westmoor Place,,St. Louis, MO 63131 open
Burwinkle, Tom,,150 Shady Oaks Lane,,Kingston, TN 37763 N5 107V
Bynum, Jeffery A.,,841 1 Market Ave N,,Canton, OH 44721 N5600L
Carriker, Barren Lee,,4028 Landisburg, Tr. 1 ,,Keller, TX 76248 N43 1MB
Casey, Dave,,Box 2309,,Avila Beach, CA 93424 N5102V
Chersky, Brian,,PO Box 5344,,Santa Maria, CA 93456 N5064V
Clark, Bill & Janet,,Box 1872,,East Sound, WA 98245 N56002
Conley, Donald,,PO Box 1605,,Amarillo, TX 79105 N8265J
DaMotta, Shirley,,1218 E. Sea Breeze Dr.,,Gilbert, AZ 85234-2638 N5080V
Barrow, Thomas W.,,5505 Hettinger Pl.,,Fallon, NV 89406 N4618V
/Davis, Nathan,,127 Green Street,,Tipton, IN 46072 open
Davis, Trammell,,4940 Langdale Way,,Colorado Springs, CO 80906 N8341J
Downing, John,,4360 Bonaparte Dr.,,Tucker, GA 30084-2250 N8294J
Doyle, James,,23355 Gold Springs Dr.,,Columbia, CA 95310 open
DuSair, Bob,,Box 2549,,Avila Beach, CA 93424 N8288J
Eldrige, Jerry,,PO Box 1034,,Big Fork, MT 59911-1034 N56001
Fox, Richard,,5689 Pebble Drive,,Frederick, MD 21783 open
Gally, Mark,,3 120 Franklin St., Apt. 1 ,,San Francisco, CA 94123 open
Gruber, Larry E.,,12289 W 250N,,Delphi, IN 46923 N8257J
Gulick, Frank,,409 Twin Lakes Dr.,,Santa Rosa, CA 95409 N5135V
Gurley, John,,1400 Colorado St. C,,Boulder City, NV 89005 N5149V
Hamlin, Carl,,1073 N Arrowhead Rd,,Camano Island, WA 98282 N51 15V
Hamm, George,,754 Aviator Dr.,,Fort Worth, TX 76179 N5072V
Hampton, Stuart,,22105 W Solo Rwy SE,,Deming, NM 88030 N8417J
Hasapis, Alex,,4 Basin St.,,Plum Island, MA 01950 N8262J
Herr, Tom,,933 Beville Rd #103K,,South Daytona, FL 32119 open
Hoese, Fred,,30130 Bulverde Lane,,Bulverde, TX 78163 N8VY
Hunt, Robert,,215 Lowell Ave,,Altoona, PA 16602 N8421J
Isler, Norman,,363 1 County Line Rd.,,Brockport, NY 14420 open
J4obusch, Tony,,5456 W. Cindy Place,,Chandler, AZ 85226 N5080V
Johnson, Raymond,,260 Lurelead Dr. ,,Prescott, AZ 86303 N8282J
Joyce, Ken,,13619 Brannon Ct.,,Nevada City, CA 95959 N4639V
Judy, Greg,,212 Freedom Lane ,,Arlington, TX 76002 N8281J
viudy, Ron,,Rt 1 Box 290,,Gate, OK 73844 open
Lehmann, Rolf,,194 Tamal Vista Dr.,,San Rafael, CA 94901 N4602V
Lewis, Larry & DeeDee,,PO Box 265,,Palmer, AK 99645 N8387J
-iouck, Susan,,458 145th Ave.,,New Boston, IL 61272 N4646V
Lucas, Bob,,4422 Devil’s Hole Road,,Pemberville, OH 43450 N4631V
McArdle, Robert W.,,4383 Bloomdale Road,,Bloomdale, OH 44817 . N4631V
McNally, Michael,,16487 N. 196th Pl.,,Scottsdale, AZ 85255 N19O1A
Merkin, Bll1,,1800 Lindberg Lane,,Daytona Beach, FL 32124 N65BM
Mertz, Harry,,7938 BerkNhire Lane,,Castle Rock, CO 80108 N51 12V
Miller, Danny & Janet,,Box 2026,,Gulfport, MS 39505 N5086V
Miller, Joe,,Box 308,,Pocono Pines, PA 18350 N5144V
Mitchell, H. Loyd,,219 Spring Street,,Meadville, PA 16335 open
Moseby, D. C.,PO Box 322,,Sutherland, VA 23885 open
Moses, Jr., PauI,,PO Box 190577,,Mobile, AL 36619 open
Oliver, Mark,,247 Parkiand Cr SE,,Calgary, AB T2J 3Y4 CANADA N431NB
Owen, Jr., Dean W.,,250 Valley View Rd,,Morehead, KY 40351 N14MF
Peters, Len,,1003 Tahiti Lane,,Alameda, CA 94502 N5127V
Phillips, Dwight,,10212 Windsor Lane,,Houston, TX 77031 N5132V
Proehi, Jon,,45 Myrtlewood Cir.,,Reno, NV 89511 N8263J
Redmon, Claude “Tommy’ ,,7029 NC Hwy 8 South,,Germanton, NC 27019 N5063V
Ruehie, Walter & Jane,,14000 E Progress Way ,,Aurora, CO 80015 N4603V
Scheel, Rodney,,1808 Connell Dr.,,Fergus Falls, MN 56537 NORJO
Schiamer, Mark,,N1486 South Lake Road,,Campbellsport, WI 53010 N8269J
Schuermann, Max & Sharon,,3215 N. Mistletoe Road,,Sand Springs, OK 74063 N4614V
Shaw, George,,8924 Cherokee Trail,,Tyler, TX 75703 N5081V
Shirey, David,,5599 Saint Clair Hwy,,East China, MI 48054 N5600Y
Sonheim, Jeff,,498 Debonair Dr.,,Los Lunas, NM 87031 N8463J
Stapleton, Ron,,1520 Covington Dr. ,Brentwood, TN 37027 N8291J ‘
— Stevenson, Dave,,184 Tanasi Trail,,Kingston, TN 37763 N5197V-
Stumpf, Tom,,8 Broadmoor Dr.,,Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 N5095V
Tate, Don,,3 1797 Honey Locust Road,,Jonesburg, MO 63351 N5077V
Thomas, Andrew,,PO Box 639,,Alexander City, AL 35011-0639 open
Veronis, Andy,,341 Hickory Nut Ct.,,Pasadena, MD 21122 N5600C
Vickers, Richard,,3302 Sawmill Road,,Newtown Square, PA 19073 N8284J
Vucetich, Alex,,3005 23rd Ave.,,San Francisco, CA 94132 N5078V
Wade, John,,PO Box 2757,,Murphys, CA 95247 N8290J
Wallin, Wayne,,2752 Autumn Leaves Dr.,,Daytona Beach, FL 32128 N8283J
Wells, David,,7532 N 3lstAve.,,Phoenix, AZ 85051 N5068V
hitlike;5048 Bixby Road,,Grweport, . ::::— open ‘Z413I
Wild, Janis,,103 Ridgewood Dr.,,San Rafael, CA 94901 N8298J
Williams, Thomas,,1085 Urlin Ave.,,Columbus, OH 43212 N5601G
Woodring, Jim,,9985 Stirling Park Dr.,,Sacramento, CA 95827 open
Woten, Glenn,,912 Perrin Ave NW,,Winter Haven, FL 33881 N5600M
Wyatt, Buddy (Marvin),,4701 Lindero Dr.,,Fort Mohave, AZ 86426 N5142V