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Newsletter No. 53- January 28, 2006

It’s been a very quiet winter at the Varga Service Center. There have been few c-mails and phone calls. It might be a reflection of winter weather and lack of flying activities?

Sometimes, it’s pretty busy around here. Perhaps it is because the Varga Service Center is located at Lampson Field (Lakeport, CA), or maybe it’s because we have such nice weather there is a great deal of VG-2 1 activity at this airport. “Steve’s Aircraft” is noted for Varga wing repair and “Tom’s Aircraft” is noted for Varga maintenance and annual inspections. If you would like more information, you can contact us.

Right Coast Fly-In

Dean sent the following to us for inclusion in this newsletter. Thank you Dean. We
really appreciate the write-up and your efforts in having the get-together.

Last October, Dean Owen coordinated and hosted a gathering of the VG-21 group. There were 5 Vargas attend. It was held at Fleming-Mason County Airport in Maysville, Kentucky in perfect weather.

Attendees were Dean, of course, in his 2180, followed by Bob McArdlel Bob Lucas from Northern Ohio; next was Tom Williams from Columbus, Ohio; then Michael Zimniski from Bridgeport, West Virginia; with Richard Vickers from Newtownsquare, Pennsylvania being the last to arrive.

The gathering went off without a hitch. The day was filled with lots of good company and discussion. They all enjoyed the opportunity to look at other Vargas and share ideas and information with other Varga drivers. Apparently, in the east there are so few of these plans around that one doesn’t often see another one. Five Vargas on the same ramp east of the Mississippi is pretty rare. The award for distance traveled was easily won by Richard Vickers who was given the unofficial “Varga-Butt” trophy for flying 400 nm to be there. Dean thinks the gathering will occur again this year with even more attendees.

Dean went on to say some kind words about Max Bishop and the Beerys for all the service the VG-21 Squadron organization has provided.



There ain’t no dues, folks! I feel like I’m repeating myself but you wonderful folks continue to think there is and mail checks. Believe me, we gratefully deposit them in the “cigar box”, but until we let you know, it really isn’t necessary! The only time we ask for a contribution is when you join. That’s to make it fair for everyone else who has already made a contribution.

Speaking of new members, attached is a copy of the latest membership list.

Web Site

Greg Judy, a new member, is looking into setting up and maintaining a web site, including a message board, for us. There will be a certain amount for set-up fee plus a monthly fee of about $10. Would you PLEASE let us hear your comments. If enough of you think it would be worthwhile and beneficial, we’ll proceed.

New member, Ken Joyce, has his Varga at the Nevada City, CA airport. He’s a CFICFII-MEI with over 2800 hours dual given in over 40 types of airplanes. He acquired N4639V in April 2000 and since then has given about 300 hours of dual instruction in it. He’s flown it over 500 hours. He can be reached at 530-478-1913 or mail him at: Chase Air Unlimited, 13619 Brannon Court, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Varga For Sale

Gardner Aircraft has 1979 Varga N8286J, VAC-132-79, 1217 TT, 1217TSNEW PRO1217 TSNEW, Military White, yellow, black w/stairs & bars (8.5), interior: military gray vinyl (8.5), annual due: 3/06,k Garmin 250XL GPS/Com w/moving map King KT76A Xponder w/enc, David Clark intercom, BAC fuel computer, EGT, fuel selector mod, price $47,500. E-mail: gaircrafbe11south.n.

Morrisey/Shinn/Varga Identifier

The task of changing the FAA identifier from MOR2 back to the original VG21 is ongoing. We are indebted to Buddy Wyatt for all his efforts to accomplish this task. WE NEED FROM YOU the following: If you have any VG21 displayed on your aircraft, PLEASE take a picture and send it to us as soon as you can. We also need any magazine articles, pictures ofVG2l items (such as hats, shirts, or anyting you have) that would add to the cause. Come on, folks. This may not be important to you, but it is to us. We don’t ask for much and I’m asking as nicely as I know how.


Varga Operations Manual
Thanks to Tom Williams, our club has some very nice Operation Manuals (35 pages, illustrated, spiral bound, 5x9, with eleven sections containing aircraft information in the form of schematics, tables, speed(s), and weight & balance info. If you would like, send $10 for the “cigar Box”. When they are gone — they are gone!

Vacuum System Problems

I (Lee) feel the need to lay some foundation for the Maintenance Item included in this newsletter. I learned to fly many years ago in a conventional landing gear airplane and that was the only type we owned until Pat got her pilot license a few years ago. She learned to fly in a Beechcraft Sundowner and couldn’t find an conventional gear CFI. She also didn’t want any part of the experimental Baby Great Lakes we owned at that time. She wanted better visibility and a nose gear so that’s how we ended up with the Varga. I kept the BGL as I was really into acrobatics. When we moved from the San Francisco area, I lost my wild bunch of acro flyers (Chicken Little Air Force) and the acro flying time dwindled down to the point it was time to become a one plane family. The problem was the turbulence would sometimes cause the Varga to loop or roll. Just recently the gyro horizon began to act up. This brings us to Maintenance Item #26.

First Annual West Coast Fly-In

Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 20-21, 2006 for the First Annual Central Coast Fly-In. Dave Casey N5102V, Bob DuSair N8288J, and Brian Chersky N5064V, will be hosting this event at Santa Maria Airport (SIvIX), CA, “Heart of the Central Coast Wine Country”.

Saturday, May 20 — Arrive SMX around noon, part ak DuSair’s hangar for ramp check, beer and burger. Tour the Santa Maria Airport Museum of Flight and the lengandary Brian Chersky Museum of ”I Love Myself’. Saturday night — if your beef low-level light is still illuminated, we’ll be heading over to the old town of Guadalupe for dinner at the Far Western Tavern. Side arms must be checked at the door.

Sunday, May 21 — Flight Briefing at 10:00 am for mass-gaggle scenic flight up the coast. Highlights include the Pismo Dunes, Shell Beach and San Luis Bay. We will then land at Oceano airport for brunch at the Rock & Roll Diner and tour the Banner Airways museum and gift shop. Sunday afternoon — depart for home. Or, for those wanting to take in more of the Central Coast, stay as long as your “kitchen pass” will allow.

There is a Raddison Hotel right on the field at SMX. The rates are between $100-$120 per night depending on what discount you can talk them out of (ie. Senior Citizen, Military, etc.) If we have enough people staying overnight, we can get a VG-21 group rate discount. Just taxi up and check-in. Free overnight tie-down whether you stay at the hotel or not. Either way, you must still check-in with the hotel for a ramp pass. So, RSVP so they can work out the logistics. Raddison phone no. is: 805-928-8000.

Note: You will park at DuSair’s hangar during the day and reposition over to the Raddison for the overnight tie-down.

Also, there are rental cars available at the SMX terminal: Avis, Budget, Enterprise.

Here is the challenge for all the VG-21 members east ofe Bakersfield: Howard Hall will be flying in from London, UK.

Please call Dave Casey or Bob DuSair for more info and to RSVP.

Dave:  714-206-8336

Due to physical limitations, I (Pat) will be unable to attend. However, wives and significant others are more than welcome to join the group.

Engine Cylinder AD Note

AD Note 2005-26-10 applies to the engine used in VG-21 aircraft. What the AD Note fails to tell you is where to find the part number on the cylinder. It is located on the top of the cylinder at the 10 to 11 o’clock position just inboard of the aluminum baffl8ing. You will need a small mirror and a good imagination to see the number on cylinder #3.


Pat & Lee Beery