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VG-21 Squadron

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NEWSLETTER NO. 51 - MAY 10, 2005


Thanks again to all the people who helped all of us since the last Newsletter. Shirley DaMotta for her Word processing of our documents, Buddy Wyatt for volunteering to contact Loren Perry regarding changing MOR1 back to VG21 AND for submitting a write-up on towing a sailplane (we'll include that one next time), and Tom Harnish of Barnstormers for lending a LH manifold to Bob DuSair to send out to Dawley Corp so then could manufacture a jig for a new one. Also, thanks to Walt & Jane Ruehle for returning the fuel gauge tester. Since then, Ron Stapleton has borrowed it and returned it. Thanks, too, to Hal Gosling who provided us with a write-up about his attendance at an FAA Safety Symposium (included in this NIL). If I've missed anyone, let me know.


E-Mail Addresses. If you change your e-mail address, please don't forget to let us know. I have three addresses that are no longer valid. If I don't get the new ones, you won't receive e-mails from us., and I think used to belong to Dave Johnson? What's your new one, Dave? Or shall we remove you from the list since you sold you're a/c?


Contact Us at 707-279-0259 or Please change our e-mail address if you show lpbeery.


Fly-In Activities - Dan Owen and a group of 7 or 8 (all of whom live east of the Mississippi, have agreed to meet at Fleming-Mason County Airport (FGX) on October for an informal Varga-Shinn-Morrisey (VSM) "gathering". FGX is located 10 miles south of the Ohio River and about 50 miles east of Cincinnati in northeastern Kentucky. If you can, please join them! For additional information, contact Dean at


Minimum Equipment List - Buddy Wyatt asked if we knew if the VG-21 aircraft has an MEL. Anybody know? I worked with local FISDO and learned a generic MEL is on their website -


Canopy - Need new glass? It can be purchased from Aircraft Windshield Co., 190871 Kyle St., Los Alamitos, CA 90720, 562-430-8108. It comes with three tints. clear, green, gray - 1/8 inch. Front $300 rear $445, left side $40 and $45, right side $40 and $45; fwd top $80 aft top $80.


For Sale


$45,000 1982 Varga 2180, TT 2880, 1000 SMOH, SL30 Comm, KT76A transponder with mode C, vacuum AI & electric T&B. Standard Varga panel and factory painted. British WWII dessert camoflage. Contact Paul Franzon: paulf@ncsu.eduor 919-6564411 for more info and photos.


$54,000 1982 Varga 2180, TT 1640, 180 SMOH, Garmin 250XL, transponder with mode C, Shaddin mminiflo, digital clock-timer. Switches moved to instrument panel and fuses replaced with circuit breakers. Custom paint and very nice interior. Contact Jerry Eldridge at 406-837-3536 (after mid-May) for more info and photos.


$59,900 1980 Varga 2150A, TT 870, NDH. Garmin 430 KY-97A, KA-134, Terra 250 transponder with mode C, Terra marker light. Custom exterior and interior paint. Too many neat features to list. Contact Stu Hampton at or 505-544-0061.


Varga Service Center News There has been a great deal going on at the Varga Service Center and that's one reason this Newsletter is about a week late being sent out. There have been several VG-21 aircraft at the hangar at one time which created a lot of local flyers' interest. One of the major accomplishments resulted in a job card for replacement of the main landing gear strut seals. Another accomplishment just completed was an "owner assist" VG-21 annual/100 hour inspection using a customized work document.


Movement of Aircraft - Several aircraft have recently changed ownership. Buddy Wyatt bought out his partner and had his plane flown from Martha's Vineyard to Bullhead City. Andy Veronis purchased Henry Freixas's 2180 and had it flown from Torrance CA to Annapolis MD. Shirley DaMotta just purchased Shinn N5114V and it's on its way now to Chandler AZ. Dean Owen sold his Shinn in February and couldn't stand being "Vargaless" (new word) so he purchased a Varga 2180 and says he couldn't be happier.


Annual Inspections In Maintenance Item #22, it was mentioned that a customized job card for doing a VG-21 Annual/100 Hr. Inspection could be the maintenance item in a future newsletter "if" there was sufficient feedback from the membership. Several members responded with a positive reply so with the help of Shirley DaMotta we will make that the next Maintenance Item.


Pre-Buv Checklist  Maintenance Item #24, attached This may seem strange to include as a Maintenance Item for people who already own aircraft, but we receive so many requests from people seeking to purchase a Morrisey, Shinn, Varga, that we created this document some time back and it has proven to be of help great help in assisting the new buyer and it gives the present owner a "heads up" on what the prospective buyer is going to be Iooking for. Take note of the value of some of these items.


FAA Safetv Symposium In March, Hal Gosling attended an FAA Safety Symposium on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. While there, he spoke to the Lycoming representative. Here is some of that information.


Lycoming's basic words of advice for the 0-320 engine is to fly it often, keep the oil clean and do not do any ground warm-ups. The ground warm-ups he was referring to would be the type of ground run that we might use to check out something without doing a flight. He said this was the worse case for the engine as it allows the build-up of moisture within the engine and by not doing a flight, which would maximize the engine oil temperature, we would be creating a case for rust to build up inside the engine. He said this is especially critical of you do not fly the airplane often.


They had a hand out entitled Key Reprints from their Flyer newsletter, one of which included an article on Proper Leaning at Cruise. As you know, Vargas are placarded for, and the aftermarket Operator's Manual states, a limitation on leaning below 5000 ft. The Lycoming article states that in regard to normal cruise power settings, a range from 55% to 75% of the maximum power for which the engine is rated, the engine may be leaned at any altitude. The confusion regarding leaning below 5000 feet only applied to those power settings above the cruise range which is typical of takeoff and climb power settings.


Shell, in their "Answer Book", recommends an oil change every four months, especially if you do not fly regularly. The 4 month rule is critical especially in humid climates and if there is excess moisture in the oil due to the oil temperature being too low. Operating at proper oil temperatures boils off the moisture in the oil, thereby reducing the occurrence of rust.


Brochure Hal Gosling mailed us a brochure he made up for his Varga. It's a beauty and a clever way to share info on his aircraft to all those folks who have all those questions. If you're interested in doing the same thing, go to, type in brochure on their search page, and after a couple of selections you'll have a brochure template. Hal says it works with HP or Avery Brochure paper.


In Closing


Attached is a copy of the current membership list.


Again, thanks to everyone who has helped us out. We truly appreciate it!




Pat & Lee