VG-21 Squadron


Varga / Shinn VC-21 Squadron

#5 January 30, 1991

Thanks to everyone who flew to Lampson on January 19. Everyone enjoyed the perfect VFR weather and an unseasonably warm day. Our sympathy to Rolf who suffered a recent loss and was unable to join us. We missed you, Rolf, and hope you can join us next time.

Janis and her co-pilot, Minnie Mouse, flew in with camera and tripod and took some great photos. I'11 be using these in various articles I'm submitting about our group's activities.

Hart had done what we've probably all done at one time or another - left his Varga's master switch "on" with a resultant dead battery. So he flew in with his homebuilt "Pixie". It was a real treat to see this airplane fly and inspect his excellent workmanship.

Carl brought a friend with him who wants to buy a Varga. If you learn of one for sale, please contact Carl.

If I missed thanking each of you personally, please accept my thanks now for your contributions to the stamp/copying fund. And I owe Gene an apology. I mistakenly credited Carl as providing copies of articles and write-ups on the Varga. Although Carl has contributed a lot to our group, it was Gene who collected and copied the articles for us. Gene, these articles are proving invaluable to me as I write and submit material to various publications. Many thanks.

Hope you noticed and like our new letterhead, Thanks to Carl and Lee, the artistic members of our group!

Our shirts are on order and I'11 plan to bring them to our next meeting, at which time you will owe me $20.50 for each shirt. If you want me to UPS yours to you, let me know. To those of us who wanted customized "patches", our research indicated it was just too costly. It's feasible only with orders of about 100.

Since our Lampson get-together, I phoned to Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula again. They can't accommodate us the first weekend in May, nor on an alternate date. The property has been sold and is being turned into a school. The manager advised that there is no other comparable hotel in Santa Paula. That fact, coupled with only two responses to our questionnaire to members in So. Calif. and Arizona, leads me to believe we should omit a Southern California destination this year. We have enough activities planned to keep us together and having fun without it. If you don't agree and want to suggest an alternate So. Calif. destination, hotel, activity, etc., by all means let me know. I'11 sure do all the paperwork and mailings.

Jack Vance, member from Laguna Hills, suggested that we all fly to Chandler, AZ, possibly meeting with George Varga's son and his mother. Does this sound like a good idea and, if so, when would you like to do that? Next Year? Keep this in mind and we can discuss it at our next get-together.

Some of the group suggested it would be beneficial to eat and meet in a private room where we could get to know each other better and just talk (loosely translated, that means "hangar fly"). With that thought in mind, I tried to substitute Hayward for Santa Paula on May 4, meeting at Manzella's Loftl adjacent to the Hayward Airport. Unfortunately, the Loft doesn't open for lunch on weekends.

Sooo, let's go to Woodland Watts on May 4, at 11:30 am. We can at least enjoy the food and if we're uncomfortable extending our time at the table, we can regroup on the lawn area or possibly around the pool. I'11 call May Ist and make reservations, so if you can't make it, please let me know before then.

Mostly for Joe Conner's benefit (who "forgot" our Lampson outing), following is a snip and clip schedule of planned events. Just snip them off and clip them to your calendars.

April 13 - Columbia - High Noon Lunch at restaurant of your choice. Tour State Park.

May 4 - Woodland Watts - 11:30 am Lunch at club house. Contact Pat if you can't make it.

June 8 - Merced Fly-In. Meet at Tracy (9 am.) for group fly-in. Contact Joe Conner.

June 16 - Ukiah Air Show. Meet at Lampson (9 am.) for group fly-in. Contact Lee Beery.

July 11-12 (Thurs-Fri) Arlington, WA. EAA Fly-In. Smokey Point Motor Inn 206-659-8561 Group flight? Contact Pat Beery

Aug. 9-12 (Fri-Sun) Flying AA Ranch, Ruth, CA. Weekend outing. Make your reservations now 707-574-6227

June 29 Carmel Valley Annual Meeting 11 am. Contact Carl Sigg.

Oct. 12 - South County Airport 11 am. Lunch at the Flying Lady Tour museum after lunch.