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December 2001









Happy Holidays.


There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on in the Varga world these days so I have filled this issue with copies of some of the FAA 337’s that I got from Ralph Haven of Daytona Beach , Florida . One of The 337s included here relocates the battery to forward of the firewall and The other revised the fuel vent system the way Bill Morrisey did on the Bravo experimental airplane that Bill tried to market as a kit a long time ago.


He also has 337s for modification of the fuel system to move The gascolator and the electric fuel pump the space under the pilot’s floor and put The electric end mechanical fuel pumps in series rather than in parallel, change the fuel valves to a single unit and move the oil cooler forward for better cooling. I will include those in later issues.


Randy Thwing is an EAA member whose local chapter just acquired a Morrisey Bravo fuselage. It looks mostly like a Varga fuselage but with a steel tube structure (instead of aluminum) extending from behind the wing to the tail. It was designed to be a tail dragger with Cessna-like spring gear. If he can find some Varga wings and other parts he and his FAA chapter may put it together. I offered to help if I can and I wish him luck.


I forgot to mention in the last issue that Bill Morrisey has passed away. I consider myself lucky to have known him. I also noticed in the last issue of Kitplanes” magazine that Don Downie, a long time aviation writer and early chronicler of Morrisey, Shirin and Varga airplanes, had also died. He will be missed as well.


I got an email from Mike White of 5048 Bixby Road , Groveport , Ohio 43125 who said that he bought Joe Chabel’s airplane, N4631V. You may remember that Joe had his engine converted to 160 HP awhile back and I included his paper work in a newsletter. His address is


Jeff Bynum of 8411 Market Ava N., North Canton , Ohio 44721 , sent a letter to notify me that he has purchased Varga 2150A N8275J from Gus Mihlebach. His email address is if you want to contact him to say hello.


Buddy Wyatt of P0 Box 3500, Edgartown, MA 02539 has recently purchased Shinn N5142V and says that he has a story about it to tell for publication in the newsletter.


In a recent email, Peter Eigenberger in Germany said he is making progress on the reconstruction of a damaged model 2180 and expects to be in the air in March after 1400 hours of work.



Here are some interesting web sites:

www.eaa.orq/education/fuel/bulletin_2000-1.html  Check this out to vote on the design of Varga patches.




Please let me know if you know of , or wish to plan, an event that would be of interest to Varga owners.

I’ve heard a rumor that the local Copperstate FAA Fly In has chosen a new site for this year. I will let you know where and when as soon as I find out if you feel like a trip to sunny southern Arizona this fall. Although I haven’t heard from him in awhile, I assume that Dr. Jack Shuler is still willing to plan and shepherd a caravan’ type Varga fly-in to Oshkosh in 2002. His com ment was “If we start a full year ahead, I figure we can get space to have a “Varga row’ at OSH . And I can push hard enough to stage at Fon-Du-Lac and com e as a group.’1 I have agreed to go. If any of you are interested in such an adventure, please contact Jack at:

Dr. Jack Shuler
30 Litchfield Road
Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053

Home phone: (603) 434-6683
Work phone: (603) 434-0044

Varga manuals are available from:

ESSCO inc.
426 Turkeyfoot Lake Road
Akron , OH 44319-3449

(330) 6447724
Op. Manual - $7
Service Manual - $35
Parts Manual - $30

I learned recently that a local com pany called Angel Air has a Varga for rent and for instruction here in Chandler at
Stellar Air Park . I’ve not seen a Varga available for rent anywhere in a long time. How about you?

VG-21 Membership: A $20 annual donation will cover all the printing and mailing costs for at least four issues a year and will help pay for return phone calls, letters and postage when you have questions or com ments that require a quick or personal response. Beery VG-21 Newsletters: $10 covers most of the printing and mailing costs for all issues. OW Bishop VG-21 Newsletters: $1.00 per issue (includes postage).

For those of you who don’t know, I am the former Varga Aircraft Corporation engineering manager (1975-1982) and may be able to help you with a problem. I can be reached at:

Max Bishop
2062 West Gila
, Arizona 85224

(480)786-3578 (evenings)
(480)891-6152 (days)
e-mail: or max.bishop@boeing.corn

You may also be able to find me at hanger A9 or hanger RR2 at Falcon Field in Mesa .


Form 337 Battery Relocation, page 1, page 2

Form 337 Fuel Vent System, page 1, page 2

New Fuel Vent System drawing

Fuel Vent (Piper) drawing

Letter describing modifications from Ralph Haven

Parts List