VG-21 Squadron


August 2001




ISSUE # 45


As in the last issue, I am continuing to transcribe old "letters to the editor". When I looked back over all of the old mail that was given to me by the Beerys after I took over the newsletter and at my own old mail and email, I noticed that Dick Pedersen had written at least 11 letters over a period from February of 1992 to February of 1998. I have included most of them here because they chronicle pretty well, the life of at least one Varga and the trials and tribulations of owning one.

Im sure that there is some information in these letters that you will be able to relate to. One of the letters is an answer from Pat and Lee Beery. If any of the letters leaves you with questions, don't hesitate to ask them.



Dear Pat and Lee,

I understand that you two are the head of some sort of Varga Club. I am a member of the Michigan Varga Newsletter and am very disappointed in it, and am tired of reading about Bill Morrisey designing the plane. I have a lot of respect for Bill, but history is not my thing. There's no technical tips or anything interesting in that newsletter.

I currently own 2 Vargas, N8422J (1980), and N8256J (1978). Both 2150A's. I rebuilt 22J last winter, the former owner ran out of fuel on takeoff and put it on it's back in a soft field. Parts were a problem to come by, I made most everything myself - I'm a IA & sheet metal man by profession. Got it flying in July & enjoyed it so much that I bought another wreck this winter -56J. This one is really wrecked - all gears tore out & center section spars shot. Ran out of gas also, landing short of runway & went through a ditch. I'm in the process of gathering parts, drawings & info now & will start rebuilding it this summer. Any information you may have of anyone with parts or jigs to rebuild parts in, or a capable individual who can make parts would be greatly appreciated. I had a tough time with 22J getting the engine mount rebuilt, finally ended up by doing it myself.

Please let me know about your club, or newsletter if you put one out, & subscription or membership costs. You could probably get every Varga and Shinn owner to join if you would send a notice to all registered owners. All the owners that I talk to are quite disappointed in the Michigan one. I'd write articles on the rebuilding of my 2.

We had a mini Varga convention at Oshkosh last summer, & we all learned more about Vargas in that week that we had since we owned our planes! Maybe we can do it in 92?

22J has military paint job, the L-19 Bird Dog Korean War Army colors & design in O.D. & stars and bars & yellow lettering --- kinda neat --- sure draws crowds at fly-ins! Will send ya a pic' when I get some better shots of it!

Take care,

Dick Pedersen


Greetings Pat and Lee,

Been meaning to write for quite a some time, but business - travel have cut time somewhat short. It's snowing quite hard right now, so I'm catching up on letters.

Varga 1 is still flying good, but has been a problem child all summer - - - starter drive, gyros, radios, exhaust springs, etc. Varga 2 is still a pile of pieces on the floor, not having much luck finding parts, and at this point, I guess I'd rather spend the time building a rug instead of making half a Varga from scratch. And our "friend" Kent Fountain from Varga A/C co. quoted me a price of $14,630 for some of the sheet metal parts I need to rebuild. $300 for each leading edge skin, even the short one next to the fuselage. $600 each for spar sections (x4), $225 each for ribs, $1900 for main gear upper half - each. I don't think he has to worry about getting rich in aviation. He also cancelled his display at Oshkosh, and I really wanted to talk to him there. $14, 630 would buy a complete RV-6A kit, plus everything else needed minus engine & prop! I can make all the necessary parts for Varga 2, but why do that for 1 part for 1 plane? Oh well, I've got lots of spare parts, & someday may decide to sell Varga 2 as is, or I may fix some of it up first & sell parts. I'll let you know when I decide to sell so you can mention it in the newsletter. Speaking of the newsletter, enclosed is $10 to keep me current. Please keep up the good work!

Couldn't make Lampson this year, I had a meeting with the FAA at that time. (They selected me as one of the "Dirty Dozen" as they call us. Maintenance Safety Counselors).

I need lots of nose down trim on my Varga - had this same problem on my RV-3. Raising the horizontal stab corrected it. I assume this is what you did on your Varga. Could you send me some info on how you shimmed leading edge up, or did you make new steel brackets for front 2? The back 2, if I remember correctly on mine, should be able to shift enough by loosening the attach bolts slightly. My Varga will outrun a 150 HP Warrior, 2 in Varga & 1 person in Warrior, but not by much. Maybe 5 MPH. It flies straight and ball centered. Sometimes need to kick a rudder to correct for steering drag to center ball.

Only 2 Vargas at Oshkosh this year that I found, one from Michigan & 1 from Colorado (N5112V).

Take care; hope your father is better Pat.

Dick Pedersen



Pat & Lee,

I've been meaning to get back to you sooner but have been slightly busy lately. Just got back from Florida with a customer of mine. I did a prepurchase inspection on a Bonanza he was thinking of buying. I'm also trying to finish all of the inside work on my new house this winter, been making my own cedar paneling & putting it up in most rooms in our chalet, & doing all the trim work --- talk about a "Homebuilt" project!. Needless to say, not much time to Varga this winter, or work on my wrecked one. I'm enclosing a check for membership & a pic of Varga 1. Varga 2 is just a pile of bent aluminum on my hanger floor for now. I was hoping to get some better pics of Varga 1 to send you, but it's currently up on blocks - really! I've got the main gears out of it making new bushings and scissor bushings & pins. So I'll send more pics later.

Varga 1, N8422J, is a 1980. Has all King IFR equip, all from factory when new. The factory brochure shows a pic of the panel, I was able to read the N number placard with a magnifying glass & it's my panel! Equipped as follows - King KT-76A Txp & mode C, KN62A DME, KY197 Comm, KN53 Nav & G.S., KR87 ADF & a DVOR Digital Radial - Bearing Indicator. Too bad I'm not IFR equipped to use this stuff! Makes a nice VFR panel also. No room left on the panel for Loran, so I'm thinking of making a console under the panel fwd of the stick to put one in, along with a chart holder, or possibly I'll just buy a portable Loran as I have several other planes I could use it in. ( I have a 46 Champ with only 560 hrs T.T.! I learned to fly in this one. Also have a 49 T-8F Luscombe, the tandem Observer model. I reskinned this entire airplane & made a show piece out of it - won an award at OSH last summer). Varga 1 is serial #167-80 & came painted a metallic light blue & purple trim colors from the factory. Somewhere in it's life it got painted Army O.D. with the early Army Air Corp red dot stars. I didn't like that design, so I changed it slightly when I finished rebuilding it. It now has the Bird Dog Korean War markings & stars - bars, both on fuse & wings. Also put "Mini Mentor" on the nose, brings lots of laughs from people who know, & lots of questions from people who think it is Army property! I bought it in Dec. 1990, & started the rebuild in Jan. 1991. Got it flying in July 91 & have about 30 hours on it now. Have enjoyed all 30 hours more than anything else I've ever flown, including a RV-3 I built from scratch, except the RV-3 did nice aerobatics! Has anyone you know of tried aerobatics in a Varga, "unofficially" speaking that is? I have a feeling that mine will kick up it's heels on of these days, it just feels too responsive to sit and fly straight & level all the time.

I just recently went through the fuel tank sloshing problem. Quite unnerving to find black tar like goo coming out of both petcocks. I filled both fuel tanks with acetone for several days, drained and flushed with solvent for a couple of days & then flew for very short periods & pulled the petcocks & sump to check for any contamination. It took several weeks of this before it cleared up completely. While the sump was off, I'd drain the gas from each tank, one at a time, to check the flow rate to be sure there wasn't a partial blockage starting somewhere. While on fuel problems, everyone should replace the 2 rubber fuel lines in the wings (2 on each side), between wing & center section, as these were very checked and brittle on mine. Any bending of them would opened up some cracks that would have surely leaked. I'm all for some improvements in the fuel vent lines also. I also thought about running the vents to the wing tips, but a Glassair on our field pukes out of it's vents if it isn't sitting level on the ground. Varga 1 pukes fuel if it isn't sitting level when the tanks are full, however shutting off the selectors & moving the plane until wings are both level sometimes stops the venting. What the vent lines really need is an anti siphon check valve like the early Bonanzas have. This, along with vent lines going up hill to the wing tips should stop the problem. Some FBOs get quite upset when you dump a gallon or two of gas on their ramp, the EPA would too if they saw it!

I also have a fuel gauge that reads zero all the time. After changing the sending units around and checking the wires, I found my one gauge isn't getting current to it, as I can make it work by hooking up a flashlight battery to it. I'll have to remove all the flight instruments to get at it to fix it someday, as the fuel gages are at the top of my panel. There sure are a lot of Varga accidents from fuel exhaustion for some reason.

Varga 2 is a 1978, N8256J, serial #102-78. It was painted white with yellow and green stripes, yellow wings with 2 shades of green design on the leading edges. It also has green shamrocks on the wings & tail & "Ace" on cowling with a series of shamrocks like kills below the "Ace". It was easy to see why it crashed, the shamrocks were 3 leaf clovers instead of 4 leaves!! It has only about 600 hrs T.T., it also ran out of fuel. The fellow had just bought it (about 12 years ago) & was giving his sons a ride when the engine quit, he had the runway made, however one of his sons got his leg the stick and the seat cushion & the poor pilot couldn't flare out! Hit short of the runway & went thru a ditch. All survived, but by the looks of the panel, the pilot had a headache for a while (no shoulder harness.) I just bought it in Dec. 91 & hope to rebuild it next winter. Didn't get the engine with this one, so I'm looking for one. Do you know of anyone who has converted his or her 150 HP to a 160 HP? It's a simple change, & my FSDO says no problem with a field approval. Has anyone tried a constant speed prop? George Varga 2 told me at OSH last summer that the last few built came with constant speed props? Do you know anything about the Varga that crashed (1 fatal) in CA. last summer? I read that there was some sort of engine fire during climbout & was wondering what the cause was.

Bill Morrisey told me last year that the front rudder pedals could be moved forward about 2" for more leg room. He doesn't have the approval for this, so it would have to be field approved. My front seat feels like it could be reclined slightly, & maybe it would eliminate T.B. (tired butt). I bought a piece of temperfoam but haven't installed it yet. Varga 2 will be a good one to try to move the pedals or seat on, as it's stripped to it's bare bones now. Anyone try moving the front seat yet?

I think we should have a meeting at Oshkosh this year too. We had a mini meeting last year there (4 Varga owners), & all learned more that one evening in a bull session than we had since we bought our Vargas. Us members out this way & further east will probably never make one of the CA. meets, so this would give most people a chance to get together, as most pilots make it to OSH sooner or later. Telmark Lodge is a neat place to gather also, it's in northern WI at Cable. Many of the type clubs hold fly-in meetings there for a weekend. A meeting at OSH some evening, nothing formal, just under a Varga/Shinn wing with liquid refreshments. The Grumman Group does it every year, even gets group parking by Balers FBO.

Guess I wrote enough for now, getting writer's cramps & it's way past my bedtime.

Take care & keep up the good work.

Karen & Dick Pedersen

I'm based at Rusk County Airport (RCX) in Tony, WI (5 miles east of Ladysmith, WI)

P.S. Please include my wife's name in membership, as she's my navigator!!


April 10, 92

Dear Pat and Lee,

Sending some picks of Varga 1 & panel, & Varga 2 as hauled in last Dec. Sure got a lot of strange looks going down the road with the vertical fin and rudder sticking up in the truck!

I talked to the FAA during my IA renewal seminar about converting my A2C to a 160 HP. By not changing the engine model, just converting mine to a 160HP A2C by changing the pistons (the A2C has the correct front main bearing for 160 HP), the FAA said it was no big deal for approval. However, by installing a 160 HP B2C, that was a different story, as you are installing an engine that is not approved for Vargas, and there is no approved data to do it by.

There's a fellow in St. Louis putting a 210 HP IO 360 Cont. 6 cylinder in his Varga, has converted it to a TG (would this be a 2210ATG model?!?!). He is working with the FAA on this mod, & is getting their blessing on it. He called me the other night, & asked if I knew about someone in Atlanta, GA who bought the Varga Production Rights & tooling from Montanair. They are going to put it back into production soon, & also have some sheet metal parts for sale now. Do you know anything about this?

I made the main gear strut bearings or bushings from brass. Bill Morrisey recommended this, he also recommends throwing away the aluminum scissors & making them from 4130.

I have Parts & Maintenance Manuals & Airplane Operations manual, is there anything else? I have saved every Varga/Shinn flight test & AD I've ever found.

I made all tests on my fuel gauges & senders per #3 you sent me (thanks very much for it). However, my problem is that I have no power to gauge, broken wire or poor connection behind the engine cluster. Gauge stays on "Empty" all the time. Hook a D cell battery to the sender wires & gauge goes to full. I have to pull my instruments & radios out some day to get access to fuel gauges to test wires. Was going to do it today, but we got 7" of snow today!

Do you know what the correct main wheel alignment is (toe in or out). The manual says to set it correctly, but no specs given. I have the maximum washers (3) in my scissors & the alignment is almost straight - tracks now since new bushings and sleeves. Before it went slightly sideways down the runway. Hope to see you at Oshkosh even if no Vargas fly in, lets get together at some certain meeting spot. Karen & I are in pages 63-67 in April 92 Sport Aviation mag.

Talk to you later - Dick Pedersen


7845 Soda Bay Road

Kelseyville, CA 95451

February 25, 1993

Dear Dick and Karen,

Thanks for returning the photo album so promptly! Today, it's on its way to John Falkner in Sharpesville, PA.


It's quite a coincidence you inserted a note and asked the whereabouts of the wrecked Varga N5076V. It has been impounded at OK Salvage for years. Lee went down and looked at it a long time ago, found very little left of it, but couldn't buy it anyway because the insurance company wouldn't release it for sale.

In last week's Trade-A-Plane there is an advertisement that OK Salvage (in Gilroy, CA) is going to have a big auction, handled by an auction company from Nebraska. Lee called them and they will mail us all the information about the auction as soon as they get the sale "put together". The auction is scheduled April I through 4. When Lee talked to them, they had no information whether the Varga would be auctioned or, if so, what day.

If you would like to receive a copy of the auction information, suggest you call: Starmon Bros. at (402) 592-1933. If not, as soon as we get the information, we'll sure share it with you.

Another bit of information along the same lines is that we received a call from Jay Humphrey, the guy who rebuilt a wrecked Varga into a TD then sold it almost immediately. He is now looking for another rebuild project and was going to call Myron Buswell in Salem, Oregon to see if he would be interested in selling his newly wrecked Shinn to Jay to rebuild.

Only other tidbit of info we have about Varga parts came to us from Ken Bunker who recently purchased one of Doug Donaldson's Vargas in Phoenix, AZ. Ken said that Doug has all kinds of Varga parts thrown around everywhere. It seems that Donaldson bought a lot of spare parts from Varga when they went out of business. Doug has never let us know he had any parts available for sale, but it might not hurt to ask him.

In the meantime, stay in touch and if you have any influence with the weather, we've had more than enough rain! Spring and sun can't come soon enough!


Pat & Lee Beery



Greetings Pat & Lee -

Been meaning to write for quite some time but have been very busy lately. Enclosed, finally, is a pic of us 2. Took some better photos a couple of weeks ago, but the entire roll got screwed up in the processing! Varga still flying good, haven't made many fly-ins this year due to poor weather every weekend.

I raised the horizontal stab .080 & only gained 2 MPH, IAS & DME readout. My 150 HP is quite strong, excellent compression & no oil consumption. I tested it on the same day, within 1/2 hour (before & after mod), same altitude, heading etc. At full power I gained 50 RPM, but would only show 2 MPH increase, over 2-way course. Don't remember what top speed was off hand, seems like 138 MPH - not corrected to anything. You guys & John Vance must of had pretty tired engines prior to O.H. & testing after mod to gain that much. Mine flys hands off, & everything seems to line up OK.

I'm also selling Varga 2, it's a parts plane or rebuilder. 1978, VAC 102-78, N8256J. I have all logs & papers & data plate. No engine, prop, instruments, or radios. New nose bowl, good canopy, entire tail cone vertical fin and elevators good. Horizontal stab has very minor damage in one leading edge by fuselage. Flaps & ailerons have minor damage, wings need lots of work - tanks good, 1 tip good, needs minor glass work. Tube fuselage needs tube replacement in firewall area. Mount and gears shot. Center section bad. Have extra rudder & vertical fin & rear tail cone parts also. Lots of good parts in this Varga, & a good sheet metal man could make a plane out of it without too much trouble. Asking $5,500.

Plan to keep N8422J for a while yet, although people keep trying to buy it, but I don't know how much it is really worth - you hear all kinds of prices, but what are they really bringing now? I turned down $36,000 this spring, as mine is loaded with nice King equip.

I'd really like to see a pic of your new paint job - always interested in seeing new ideas. Talked to a fellow from Michigan with a 2150A & he knows another guy with a 2180TD over in MI. They both got your address from me in Aug., hope they join.

See ya later,

Dick Pedersen.



Greetings Pat & Lee,

Just a short note about a few things. I sold my "Varga in a basket",. to a fellow in OK, Bob Thornton. He hasn't picked it up yet due to our great weather, 40 F with highs during the day of -20 F!! Would be great takeoff & climb performance if a guy could get a Lyc started, and could trust it in this cold. Anyway, he should be joining the club shortly.

I just finished a rudder with new skins for a Varga. Also have a nice vertical fin (2150A). Will sell both for $400 each. Also have a chunk of aft tail cone, a short hunk that has the last 2 bulkheads on it (back under the horizontal stab).

I think a maintenance forum at Oshkosh time would be great, I'll help in any way I can, but I'm pretty involved with the American Bonanza Society at OSH. I put on 2 maintenance forums at OSH, plus have to sit in ABS tent & answer technical questions most of the week. Lots of type clubs hold annual flyins at various places in WI just before OSH, then fly to OSH in a gaggle & really screw up the arrival procedures at OSH.

Speaking of flying into OSH, it's a piece of cake. As long as you know the proper arrival procedures & follow them & keep off the radio & do what the controllers tell you to do! I've flown in my RV-3 & T-8F Luscombe, have also went in "no radio" in the special no radio pattern. You have to use your imagination when they call you with instructions, as a Varga will probably be called an Experimental, or if you have war colors they might even call you a warbird or who knows what! Just rock your wings to acknowledge & don't try to correct him --- not enough breaks in chatter to do so usually!! Maintain proper altitude, airspeed, over the railroad track and keep the head turning looking for some poor soul who doesn't know what he's doing. And have plenty of fuel when you enter the pattern in case of delays. The two dangerous areas are the Ripon area, as everyone enters the pattern here, and are all at the same altitude. Also, they cross over the departure end of 27 if 27 is the active. People departing 27 forget to stay low until clear of area as instructed on ATIS & NOTAMs. A video is available from FAA & EAA on OSH arrival procedures - usually on is sent to each EAA chapter free for members to study. Know the procedures by memory before arriving!!

Take care, & don't let the earthquakes get ya!!

Dick Pedersen Tony, WI


3-18 94

Hi Pat & Lee,

Just a short note to see if you're interested in some info that I have. If you have a library started on Morrisey-Shinn-Varga materials you might be interested in this stuff, otherwise I'll hang onto it until I find someone who really needs or wants it. I'll UPS it to you if you need or want it.


Drawings of Morrisey OM-1-2 Horizontal Stab, Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Flap, Wing Kits for a homebuilt model.

Info on a tailwheel comversion kit for 2150's & a conversion agreement form.

Info & pics on "Bravo" various models from 1 place to 4 place.

Also letters from Bill Morrisey trying to get investors to help him buy the Varga tooling back, investment agreements,


Let me know what you think,

Dick Pedersen

P.S. Like to see photo of your new paint job!



Greetings Max,

Sending a note to let you know that my Varga is for sale, regretfully! I've got too many airplanes right now, so I'm putting some up for sale, whatever sells is gone & whatever doesn't I'll fly for a while. Please post ad in next newsletter if space permits.

1980 Varga 2150A, N8422J, serial # VAC 167-80. 850 T.T.A.E., annual 10-94. King KT76A Txp with encoder, KN62A DME, KY197 Comm, KN53 NAV, KI204 Glideslope, KR87 ADF, Davtron DVOR, Intercom, Alcor EGT, Astrotech Quartz Chronometer, Pointer 3000 ELT, Fire Extinquisher, Engine Heater, Canopy Cover, Winter Front, Front and Rear Shoulder Harnesses, Strobes, Shop & Parts Manuals, Heated Pitot, Chrome Clevelands, New Tires, Autogas STC, Rear Seat Heat, Military Stick Grip (front), Push to Talk on both sticks. New tinted glass all around, Prop recent reconditioning, New military paint with Stars & Bars, is Korean Warbird Design. Like new yellow vinyl & plaid cloth interior. $43, 500

Dick Pedersen, N 6490 CTH I, Tony, WI. 54563 715 532 6276 (evenings)

You can cut the ad down in size if space is a problem.

I sure hate to sell it, has been a really fun bird, but my toy box (hanger) is full!!

Keep up the good work with the newsletter. Wish I lived closer to west coast so I could attend some of the flyins. Sounds like fun!

Thanks Max!

Dick Pedersen



Hi Max,

VG-21 newsletter is excellent, with much needed technical info. Keep up the good work!

Didn't sell my Varga yet, must be asking too much, but with the radio package, etc, compared to others it doesn't sound way out of line. Still for sale.

Also have for sale - One Varga vertical fin paint stripped off, no damage, no top fiberglass tip. Off of 2150A. $250 One Varga 2150A rudder with new skins on it. $250.

Enclosed is a check for dues --- Don't think I paid last year, but can't remember for sure.

I will be in the American Bonanza Society tent at Oshkosh most of the week. I answer technical questions & put on 2 maintenance forums for A.B.S. all week, & my wife sells A.B.S. merchandise in the tent all week. Stop by & say Hi if you make it to Oshkosh. Take care!

Dick Pedersen




I got my Varga trim tab sprocket tab welded up this morning & it works great yet. We welded it on the inside of the tab, and there was plenty of clearance with the "window crank" spring & parts. There wasn't much holding it together before.

Enclosed is $20 for my newsletter subscription. Somehow I failed to realize it had expired. I have #27, so if you have some left, I would appreciate everything from #27 up to date. I really appreciate the technical articles & info that you write about, as I'm a IA & run my own shop (specialize in Bonanzas), and I rebuilt my Varga about 5 years ago.

I have the following for sale, you can advertise it in the newsletter when space permits.

1980 Varga 2150A, N8422J, serial # VAC 167-80. 870 T.T. King KT76A Txp mode C, KN62A DME, KY197 Comm, KN53 NAV, KR87 ADF, Marker Beacon, Glideslope, Intercom, Shoulder Harnesses, Rear Seat Heat, EGT, Astrotech Chronometer, Military Stick Grip, Fire Extinquisher, Engine Heater, Canopy Cover, New tinted glass and windshields, New military paint. Nice interior, Strobes, Heated Pitot, Chrome Clevelands, New Tires, Autogas STC, Recent prop reconditioning, Shop & Parts Manuals, October annual, Pointer 3000 ELT. Davtron DVOR 903A. $39,000


Phone or FAX 715 532 6276

Dick Pedersen,

N6490 CTH I,

Tony, WI, 54563




I've been traveling & pretty busy since I talked to you last about my Varga parts that you wanted to buy. Also, just recently been through some serious medical problems, so needless to say my mind hasn't been on Varga parts.

I did get the parts boxed up & ready to ship shortly after we talked on the phone. I've been waiting for a UPS shipping address. I remember asking you about that, and if I remember correctly, we left it as the shipping address will be sent with the check. I saw the box of parts today & it reminded me that I had never heard back from you. If you changed your mind about the parts or found some or made them, that's OK, I just need to know, in case someone else needs these parts. Otherwise, if you still need them, drop a note or leave a message or FAX me - 715 532 6276 phone# & FAX anytime. Just need to know if this address on this letter is OK to UPS to.

The parts are in pretty good cond. (the bulkhead & horizontal bulkhead aft of it & rear bulkhead). Also including some misc Varga parts I have left, such as another bulkhead, top rear fuselage skin, bellcrank & spring.

Let me know -

Take care!

Dick Pedersen



My airplane partner and software engineer, Doug Brown, set up a web site just for the fun of it. You can find it at (no "www" please). It has some photos and details of our latest airplane project called an Aerospec 3150, our plane called an Aerospec 2150, the Montanair Varga and friend Dan Delany's J-2 Taylor Cub rebuild effort. Doug will be adding things as time goes on and the mood strikes him. It will not be specifically a Varga site but if there is anything Varga related that you want to see, let me know and I will ask Doug to add it.

Here are some other interesting web sites that are out there as well.


Please let me know if you know of, or wish to plan, an event that would be of interest to Varga owners.

Dr. Jack Shuler says he is willing to plan and shepherd a 'caravan' type Varga fly-in to Oshkosh in 2002. His comment was "If we start a full year ahead, I figure we can get space to have a "Varga row" at OSH. And I can push hard enough to stage at Fon-Du-Lac and come as a group."

I have agreed to go. If any of you are interested in such an adventure, please contact Jack at:

Dr. Jack Shuler

30 Litchfield Road

Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053

email: doc@empire. net

Home phone: (603) 434-6683

Work phone: (603) 434-0044


Link to Vendors / Parts / Service / Tools 


Bill McIntyre (480) 962-1373

1979 Varga 2150A

1086 TTSN November 2000 annual


King KR86 ADF

Audio Panel

NDH $39,900


VG-21 Membership: A $20 annual donation will cover all the printing and mailing costs for at least four issues a year and will help pay for return phone calls, letters and postage when you have questions or comments that require a quick or personal response. Beery VG-21 Newsletters: $10 covers most of the printing and mailing costs for all issues. Old Bishop VG-21 Newsletters: $1.00 per issue (includes postage).

For those of you who don't know, I am the former Varga Aircraft Corporation engineering manager (1975-1982) and may be able to help you with a problem. I can be reached at:

Max Bishop

2062 West Gila

Chandler, Arizona 85224

(602)786-3578 (evenings)

(602)891-6152 (days)

e-mail: or

You may also be able to find me at hanger A9 or hanger RR2 at Falcon Field in Mesa.