VG-21 Squadron


Vg-21 Newletter #4

December 17, 1990


Seasons Greetings!

Our very best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and yours.

Special thanks to Hart and Millie Jewell for hosting our August 18 get-together at Schellville! In the absence of a restaurant on the field, Hart rented tables and chairs to accommodate us in their hangar and provided soft drinks and coffee for all. The weather was CAVU everywhere except in Tracy - Joe Conner didn't make it, again! And due to the temporary closure of Lampson Field for some re-construction, Pat and Lee Beery shamefully drove to Schellville. Happy to report that Lampson has re-opened and is sporting a new, longer and wider runway and taxiway.

Carl Sigg shared his photo album of pictures taken on their Varga trip to Kansas. Carl also provided everyone with a copy of his collection of Varga articles published in various magazines (eight in all). As always, a great deal of hangar flying took place and we took the opportunity to compare our aircraft and shared tips on maintenance. Carl Sigg distributed copies of an article he wrote on flight handling for the Varga and Lee Beery did the same on the characteristics of the Varga fuel system.

It was agreed by all those present that due to the unexpected growth of the membership, a small donation to cover reproduction and mailing of the Varga Madness newsline was in order. Rolf suggested we start off with a $5 donation; checks made out to Pat Beery or stamps would be fine.

We all enjoyed the outing and again, our thanks to the Harts.

Our next fly-in will be at Lampson Field on January 19th (rain date, January 26) hosted by Pat and Lee with lunch at the Skyroom Restaurant on the field. Due to the usually large number of aircraft flying into Lampson for lunch on Saturday, plan to arrive at Lampson no later than 11:00 a.m. so we can get seated by 11:30.

At this meeting, we hope to plan the 1991 events. A questionnaire is enclosed with this newsline to help select our activities for the coming year. It would be appreciated if the club stamp/copying donation and the questionnaire are returned prior to the January get-together so we can compile the group"s selections.


Pat Beery