VG-21 Squadron


31 MARCH 1999




ISSUE # 38


This issue will be a little shorter this time so Iíd have room to put a decal in an envelope.

New members are: David Delong of Witchita Falls, TX (, who bought N8262J, Robert Marshall of Pittsford, NY has N8294J, Wayne White in Anson, ME and Phil Jones of Bethlehem, PA.

Gerald Eldridge was looking for some torque link grease fittings (Stewart-Warner Alemite P/N 3019. I found 40 of them at Motion Industries, Inc., (602) 921-9800 here in Tempe and they shipped them to me from a Los Angeles warehouse. Call or write if you need some of those that I have.

With the advent of Doc Adams web site, I get more email. I will try to include as much of your correspondence as I can but there is so much, I may not be able to include it all. If I miss something that you want to convey to Varga owners that donít have email, let me know and Iíll post it as soon as I can.

I got the following e-mail from Phil Margo,

Dear Max

For your info and all of the other Varga owners as well I have created a Chart Clip that installs on stick aircraft like our VG2150s and others as well. It will hold approach plates, airprort directories, checklists, charts and even a stopwatch and a GPS. I gave Bob Stambovsky one to use and he is highly positive about it. I will send you photos and a blurb if you want to mention it in the newsletter. For more info there will be a web site within a few weeks Of course I can be reached at my e-mail address

[ ]. Any advice or other help or input you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Skytrails

Phil Margo

[(310) 276-6638]


I also got the following from Doc Adams.

Max, could you mention that the is paid for by my family, but we would appreciate any donation up to $10./yr. to help cover the cost. I received two or three donations, and was very much appreciated. Checks can be made out to John or Barbara Adams. We have plans for adding a lot more info as time permits, and information is obtained and received.

Please Visit 'Your' New VG-21
Morrisey/Shinn/Varga Owners Association Site
Proud Members VG-21 Squadron

It is a great resource, please try to support his web site if you can.

The next e-mail is from Pat and Lee Beery:

We were looking over both the Varga websites and didn't see anything about how our organization got its name - VG-21 Squadron. When we were an 8-member strong group (our first fly-in), Janis Wild suggested we call ourselves the "VG-21 Squadron." She knew that VG-21 is the FAA's ATC aircraft type designator code for all Morriseys, Shinns and Vargas. Our daughter, Karen, who worked at the Oakland ATC Center at the time, provided us with additional information on how these type codes help controllers. For example, if you were to contact Denver Center and give them your aircraft make and "N" number, more than likely the controller will not know what a Varga is and will ask you to "Say type". When you respond that you are a Victor Gulf Twenty-One, the controller inputs that info into his/her computer which instantly gives the controller information as to the type of aircraft (land, seaplane, amphibian, helicopter), type of engine, number of engines, weight, speed, climb and descend rates. Every aircraft in the world has a "type" designator number. The prominent types are easy to figure out, such as a Cessna 150 is a C-150.

It also might be of interest to include in the website some information as to how the VG-21 Squadron got started. Pat Beery got her license in 1986 (an old, grandmother at the time) and eight months later, purchased N5062V, the first Varga built. Because a few Vargas and a Shinn made their home in the San Francisco Bay Area, she decided to research the mailing addresses of their owners, contact them, and schedule a first-ever Varga/Shinn fly-in in 1990. Eight airplanes flew to Watts-Woodland and the club was off and running. The purpose of the club was to do our best to maintain longevity of the aircraft with social coming in second. To this end, a Maintenance Seminar was held each year plus several fly-in social meetings. All members were supportive of this and provided many maintenance tips not covered in the Maintenance Manual. Periodic newsletters were produced covering social events and maintenance items. In 1995, suffering from a severe case of "Burn Out", Max Bishop agreed to take over. His Varga background is mind-boggling , having been in Quality Control and Acting Engineering Manager at Varga Aircraft Co. for many years. In the meantime, having started with eight members in 1990, the club has grown to about 100. Pat and Max must have done something right!

Lee Beery

It looks like Barry Young would really like to buy a Varga:


My name is Barry Young and I am looking for an airplane to purchase. I have the cash and am a serious buyer. Taildragger preferred but must be certified standard category, not experimental. I am currently in Northern California and my e-mail address is:
B17DUDE@YAHOO.COM or MY phone number is 707-654-1516. Naturally I am looking for the best bargain, not just the cheapest machine. Please
send specs, description, location and asking price. All e-mails and phone calls will be returned.

Thank you very much,

Midshipman Barry Young (Almost the oldest midshipman in the world)

California Maritime Academy

1 Morrow Cove

Vallejo, CA 94590

Tom and Kate Harnish are also looking for a mid-time Varga, preferably in military colors. You can call them a (800) 759-5667.

I got a call from Olen Sumrall of Tylertown, Mississippi who is looking to buy a Model 2180 and just missed Cliff Shinnís plane (sold) but will consider a 2150A if you have or know of one for sale. You may call him at (601) 876-4789.


It appears that Doc Adams found another source for Varga Manuals

Subject: Re: Varga Shinn Morrisey GA aircraft

Mr. Adams,

We have an excellent collection on these manuals. Due to the length of this information, could you PLEASE supply us with a FAX number?

Simply call us voice at (508) 990-8588, fax us the info at (508) 992-3044 or, if you wish, send it to us via


Thanks in advance,

Chip DeBlock

Air Caravan


160HP 337:

337_160hp_2.jpg (1029048 bytes)   337_160hp_1.jpg (1045991 bytes)




1979 2150A, 1680 TTAE, King KLX135A, GPS/Com, annual 8/98, photos at Collins, transponder w/encoder, intercom, tow hook, $39,500. 915, 672-5115 or TX

1980 VARGA 2150 ""KACHINA''. 633 hours TTSN! This rare aircraft is perfect in every way! Excellent avionics, history and condition. For those who demand a ""like new'' airplane, this is it. $57,500. Screaming Eagle Aviation, 805, 525-7121; FAX 805, 525-4772. CA

MINT 1982, 180HP Varga, 360 TTSNA&E, IFR HSI, always hangared, $50,000 or swap for clean 180hp Apache. Cliff Shinn 760, 345-2676. CA

VARGA, 1976. EXCELLENT, 1125-TT, offered only until May 1st. Have fun this summer turning heads. $38,000. 937, 898-1475, after 6pm. OH

1978 2150A, 1000TT, STUNNING all original. Never spent a night outside. See to believe. Shadin Miniflow, I-Com, KX175B, xponder, coder. New gyros, batt., starter, fuel lines. A perfect Varga. Fresh annual. $41,000. 805, 239-4037. CA

1979 2150A, 1680 TTAE, King KLX135A, GPS/Com, annual 8/98, photos at Collins, transponder w/encoder, intercom, tow hook, $39,500. 915, 672-5115 or TX

The new owner of the Varga 2150A that crashed on a city street here in Chandler has the wreck for sale. Heís asking $9,000. It is located at a salvage yard here in Phoenix and Iím going to look at it to see what condition itís in. If youíre interested, I will tell you about it if you call me. He says if he must move it from the salvage yard in 8-10 days and take it to Tucson, the price will go up.