VG-21 Squadron


25 Sept, 1995




ISSUE # 23


Member Ken Harris of Greeley, Colorado bought a wrecked Varga 2180 and says he looks forward to

starting the rebuild.


The last person to have the photo album is Bill Clark, 44048 N. 30th Street West, Lancaster, California,

93536. Write to him or call him at (805)948-8191 if you want to be the next to get it or find out where it is



I've had several inquiries about taildragger conversions. To satisfy my curiosity, would you call or send a

post card telling me if you would convert your tricycle gear airplane to a taildragger if cost was not a

consideration? If so, why and if not, why not. If you were to have your airplane converted, how much

would you expect the conversion to cost?  i


I called Carl Sigg and had a nice talk with him about his airplane. Since he disassembled it for

restoration when it was time for an engine overhaul, he has begun new (and now thriving) business and

he hasn't had any time to put it back together.


Merced Fly-In: I made it to Merced again this year. Lee Beery and Frank Gulick flew their Vargas down

and spent most of the day there on Saturday. Ken Bunker was also there all weekend with his Varga.

They even had an Air Show there for the first time in several years.


Oshkosh: I didn't make it again this year although I did get a call from John Morton who said he and his

wife were going. A friend who flew back in his nicely restored Cessna 170 said it was an easy trip going

and coming (only a little weather dodging on the way back) and weather at the Fly-In was good all week.

He wasn't looking very hard but he said he saw no Vargas there. George Varga was also there and said

it appeared to be a good turn out.  Oh well,  I will try again next year.


Copperstate Fly-In: This annual Arizona fly-in will be at Williams Gateway Airport (formerly Williams Air

Force base) October 12(Thursday), 13 and 14. Williams is about a 5 minute hop from Falcon Field where

I keep my plane. Aircraft Spruce is also sponsoring a race called "The Copperstate Dash" from Apple

Valley,  CA at 7 AM on Friday,  October 13.  I have reserved airplane parking for at least 10

Morrisey/Shinn/Varga's in one row of the "Contemporary/Classic" area. The sponsors have asked me to

be there to help park you and although I can't be there on Thursday, I will be there all day Friday and

Saturday. Lee Beery said he and Pat will be there and will try to convince others in the northern

California area to fly along. New member Bob Stambovski said he would try to make it. Henry Freixas,

Joe Conner, and Del Lutz also said they would try to get there. Copperstate Fly-In information is

available at (520)750-5480 during the day or (520)298-3522 in the evening or you can call me and I will

tell you what I know. I have enclosed the official Copperstate flyer for your information.  



Link to Vendors / Parts / Service / Tools  

If you know of other places to  get Varga  parts  repaired,  please  let  me  know and  I wilt  list them  in  the

"Planes & Parts" section.


The last Trade-A-Plane that I got had the following Varga ads:  

SHINN (For Sale)

SHINN 2150A, 800 SMOH, 0-320, MK12D radio,

transponder, encoder, intercom, strobes, $32,500.

417, 26-4221 tf  

VARGA (For Sale)

79 VARGA 2150A, 1490TTSN(2000)TBO, 150hp, Collins

aud., VHF.VIR, Mode C, GPS, post lights, strobes,

glider tow package, interior new, paint 8+, hangered,

$36,000. 801, 370-9611. s2


1978 VARGA 2150A, 1791 TTSN, King KX155w/GS,

KX170B, King ADF, STS loran, King KT76ATXP

w/Mode C, voice activated intercom. Beautiful War-

bird paint. Corrosion treated. $38,000. 915,

625-2657. TX/au2


1978 VARGA 2150A, 1620TTA&E, hangered, IFR,

KX155w/GS, KN-64, KT76A, Davtron M-80, fuel

flow totalizer. Bob, 310, 534-2333. au2


•77 VARGA 2150A, 750 TTSN, KX125 Nav-

coms, transponder w/encoder, intercom, new

custom paint, new interior, $35,000. Call af-

ter 5PM for Mike, 810, 667-0615. Ml/au3


1978 VARGA KACHINA 2150A, 1515 TTAE, new

KX125, KT76A, new alt., VSI, DG, turn coordinator,

new Bruce's canopy. $32,500. 206, 772-6173,



VARGA 1980, 1520 TT, 1000 STOH, all cylinders

mid-70's, 9 in/out, hangered, fresh annual, lmron, Lo-

ran, transponder, encoder, strobes, intercom, EGT.

$34,500. 810, 781-8396 after 8PM; 810, 778-7440

weekdays. Mi/si


'82 VARGA 2180, 268 TTSN, IFR, KX155, KN64

DME, KT76A, HSI, dual brakes, cover. $44.9. 818,

997-0355 CA/au3



I haven't heard from him, so Scott Patterson may still have his airplane, Varga 2150A, N4614V up for

sale at $36,700. It has a Military USAF T-34 paint job, 2600 hrs TT and 161 hrs since a complete

Cermichrome top overhaul. Always hangered, the annual isn't due until January 1996. It is a well

equipped VFR airplane. It will be advertised in Trade-A-Plane. If you're interested, his is address and

phone number are as follows.


Scott Patterson


310 Broad Street

Selma, AL 36702

(205)875-2055 (home)

(205)875-1000 (office)


As of June 29th, Dick Pedersen still had his airplane for sale:


1980 Varga 2150A, N8422J, serial # VAC 167-80. 850 T.T.A&E, Annual 10-94. King KT76A Txp with

encoder, KN62A DME, KY197 COMM, -KN53 NAV, K1204 Glideslope, KR87 ADF, Davtron DVOR,

Intercom, Alcor EGT, Astrotech Quartz Chronometer, Pointer 3000 ELT, Fire Extinguisher, Engine

Heater, Canopy Cover, Winter Front, Strobes, Shop and Parts Manuals,  Heated Pitot, Chrome

Clevelands, New Tires, Autogas STC, Rear Seat Heat, Military Stick Grip(front), Push-To-Talk on both

sticks. New tinted glass all around, Prop recent reconditioning. New Military Paint with Stars & Bars, is

Korean War Bird Dog Design. Like New yellow vinyl & plaid cloth interior. $43,500


Dick also said he has the following parts for sale:


One Varga vertical fin, paint stripped off, no damage, no fiberglass tip. Off 2150A. $250.

One Varga 2150A rudder with new skins on it. $250.


Dick Pedersen

N6460 CTH I

Tony, Wl 54563

(715)532-6276 (evenings)


Ken Bunker still has his plane for sale and has reduced the price to $34,500.



1140 TTSN King 760 Cornm Narco Loran

and X-ponder w/encoder, Intercom-

Looks Like New


Ken Bunker


Santa Clara, CA 95051



Pat Baylor still has her airplane up for sale. Her Spec Sheet reads as follows:








CONTACT: PAT BAYLOR, 216 N. LONG RIFLE DR., FORT WORTH, TX. 76108 (817)246-4760


Joe Conner says he isn't able to fly enough to justify keeping his airplane so he has it for sale for


It's a 1978 2150A with 1180 hours. If you're interested, you can reach him at:


Joe Conner

300 Star Drive

Belen, NM 87002







Mark R. Palesh

800 "F" Street # R-2

Juneau, Alaska 99801

(907)586-2128 Home



2150A S/N VAC-134-79

CoUinsAUD251, CoHms VHP-251, CollinsVIR-351,

Trans-Cal TRD950 & D120-P2-T Transponder/Encoder,

Pointer 3000 ELT

Complete glider towing package installed; climb prop.

Post Lights, Strobes



Never Damaged, Hangered

New Interior within last eight months; light gray.

Paint in very good shape; black and silver stripes on white.

Purchased new and maintained by U.S. Air Force (100 hour inspections)

Current Annual


Lycoming 0-320-A

TTAF&E 1470(2000 TBO)





Non-member Wally Tharp found out about the VG-21 Squadron and asked me to advertise his airplane for sale.

It is a 1978 Varga 2150A, N4651V, VAC101-78, with no damage history, red, white and blue paint( an 8 out of 10) with a 6 out of 10 interior, IFR with G/S, Loran, transponder w/encoder. He says it was an Illinois CAP airplane the was always hangered before it came to Arizona. He's asking $30,000 and can be reached at the following address.


Wally Tharp

145 S. Washington

Prescott, AZ 86303




VG-21 Membership: A $20 annual donation will cover all the printing and mailing costs for at least four

issues a year and will help pay for return phone calls, letters and postage when you have questions or

comments that require a quick or personal response. Old VG-21 Newsletters: $10 covers most of the

printing and mailing costs.

Ray Johnson's new address is:

260 Laureleaf Drive

Hidden Valley Ranch

Prescott, Arizona 86303




New members include the following:


Bob Stambovski

43254 30th Street West


Lancaster, California 93536



Bob bought Shinn 2150A N5124V. He works for NASA at Edwards Air Force Base.


Palmer Putnum of Boise, Idaho has just joined our group. He is restoring his Morrisey (which he has

owned since 1967) to flying condition after 12 years of storage. He says "Hello!" to Bill Morrisey. He can

be reached at:


Palmer H. Putnum

2669 N. Westminster Place

Boise, Idaho 83704

(I forgot to ask for your phone number Palmer!)


David Vanderblom recently bought Morrisey serial number 5, N5105V. You can contact him at:


David Vanderblom

P.O. Box 885

Anniston, Alabama 36202

(404)421-4896 (work)

(205)831-0519 (home)



I have been asked by both owners and potential buyers what I think a particular Varga is worth. Lee

Beery tried to help members with this question in Newsletter #t 7 where he added and subtracted value

($) for the condition of various airframe and engine components peculiar to a Varga but typical of many

airplanes, that could cost money to improve. This is a very good place to start, whether you are a buyer

or a seller, and I will send a copy of that page of the newsletter if you ask for it.


Placing value on an airplane can be a very sticky problem. For example, I may think that my airplane is

worth a lot because it is a "one of a kind", experimental, taildragger Varga. To me, being one of a

kind makes it attractive and special, being experimental allows me to change anything I want, anytime,

a taildragger looks neat and gives a certain status to it's pilot and, not many people can say they own a

Varga. But a potential buyer may think of all those things that I consider to be positive attributes as

liabilities. "One of a kind" may mean custom made parts that will be difficult to replace if necessary,

experimental means it can't be flown for hire or rented, taildragger means it will be more difficult for the

average pilot to take off and land a Varga means that maintenance and parts may be more expensive

and harder to find. So, what is clearly a silk purse to me could very well be a sow's ear to someone else.

That being said, I'd just like to let you know that although I'll be happy to render an opinion about any

Varga, you should be aware that I am a biased observer and think any Varga is worth what you pay for it,

almost regardless of its condition.



I have copies of the following FAA 337's for the Varga/Shinn/Morrisey:


1.   A Trans-Cal Industries model # SSD120 encoder installation.

2.  A sliding canopy.

3.  A model 2180 engine mount repair and reinforcement.

4.  A model 2180 carburetor heat box reinforcement.

5.  A Northstar model MI Loran installation.

6.  An aileron rib repair.(l'm not sure if this is an aileron rib repair or a wing rib repair at the aileron


7.  A rear seat storage bin installation.

8.  A nose wheel fairing installation.

9.  A main wheel and gear fairing installation.

10. Additional nose wheel steering spring installations.

11. Overhead canopy glass installation.

12. Installation of an Airwolf remote oil filter on the left side of the firewall underneath the voltage


13. A landing gear area wing rib repair.

14. Another landing gear area wing rib repair.

15. An oil cooler relocation to the left air inlet.

16. A battery relocation forward of the firewall where the oil cooler was.

17. A tail wheel airplane main gear relocation.

18. A Cessna tail wheel installation.


I have 8 1/2" XII" Xerox color copies of Don Tate’s Taildragger but they probably won't reproduce well

so if you want to see the photos let me know and I will sent them to you.


I got a call and a note from Bill dark who has a factory built Model 2180 Taildragger. He discovered a

crack near a weld in the left rear pedal support tube where it attaches to the larger diameter tube that

runs fore and aft between the spars. He said the crack may have been caused by tail wheel shimmy.


Dave Wells said that the plastic brake fluid line that runs between the brake fluid reservoir and the

master cylinders was found broken at his last annual inspection. It is inexpensive PVC tubing that could

be affected by age and may require replacement on your airplane if it hasn't been checked in a while.


Myron Buswell said his Shinn N5131V was badly damaged in a forced landing in October of 1992

caused by fuel starvation at low altitude with one tank on and the other off. His note said "I sincerely

believe that a big (BIG) placard stating both tanks on - whenever altitude is less than 2000' above

terrain, is needed.". He said he has most of the repair parts on hand and hopes to rebuild by summer of

next year. He also said "Hello to Bill Morrisey" and that VG-21 members and Varga owners could call him

any time at (503) 838-3737.


Mike Milter of Norton Aviation in New Bedford, Massachusetts said he is helping to maintain a Shinn and

found broken springs in the main landing gear. He also needs torque link bushings if some one out there

knows where to get them. The landing gear springs listed in the Varga Parts Catalog have Varga part

numbers but were bought from the Century Spring Corporation and modified (ground) only slightly to fit

the Varga landing gear. I have listed the Century part number next to the Varga part number as follows:


12000-47           (Model 2150 Nose Gear):                        Century # D-108

30195-47           (Model 2180 Nose Gear):                        Century # D-108

30195-106         (Model 2180 Nose Gear):                        Century # D-125, cut to 10", closed and ground.

11002-32           (Model 2150/2180 Main Gear):                Century # D-108

11002-33           (Model 2150/2180 Nose Gear):                Century # D-125, cut to 10", closed and ground.


I think Varga bought all of it's airframe springs from Century except for the muffler support torsion springs and tailwheel springs. Most springs are listed in the Varga parts catalog by their Century part number. I have a Century Catalog if you want spring specifications for a particular part number.


Century Spring Corporation

P.O. Box 15287

222 East 16th Street

Los Angeles, California 90015














There was one compelling reason that the Morrisey 2150 was not

certificated in the Acrobatic category at the time of the FAA

Type Certification tests.


Under the Civil Air Regulations, Part 03, being used at that

time, a six turn spin was required.  Due to the design of the

2150 it would not remain stalled after approximately 1 1/2 turns

and spiraled out. ..thus, it could not comply.  I pointed out

to the FAA they were encouraging the industry to improve the

art of design, which we had done.  At the same time, as in our

case, that the design must be rendered primitive again to meet

their flight test requirements.


Moreover, to obtain approval for spins in the Utility Category

(1570 pounds - 4.4 G's) CAR Part 3.124b says that the airplane

must meet the requirements for the Acrobatic Category.  The

alternate remains to qualify under 3.124a. Normal (N) category

wherein "...all airplanes in Category N, regardless of weight,

shall be placarded against spins...".  No recognition was al-

lowed to the fact that the 2150 could spin almost two turns

and satisfactorily recover at the 1570 pounds weight.


Ironically, this prohibition has given rise to much careless

and mistaken speculation on the part of people, who are, at

the best, too poorly informed to offer opinions.  Recently, I

was told of a rumor that the restriction was needed to keep the

airplane out of flat spins, ..another, "the fuselage would break

off aft of the wing".  MY, MY.


Approval was given for limited aerobatics in the Utility Cate-

gory at 1570 pounds to include the following at the speeds

noted, as shown in Aircraft Specification 4A19:


Chandelles - 117 MPH IAS            Steep Turns - 117 MPH TAS

Lazy 8's   -117  "                  Stalls (Except Whip Stalls)


Intentional Spins prohibited in Normal and Utility Categories.


Maneuvers involving full application of elevator or rudder or

aileron should be confined to speeds below maneuvering speed.




Please call or write if_you have any questions.  We will try to help you.




WHATS NEXT: Maintenance Item #19 will be about the exhaust system. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you about the great turn out at the Copperstate Fly-In. I will reprint a qualitative flight evaluation of a Varga 2180TG by former NASA test pilot, Jim Patton. Since I've been asked so many times about the taildragger STC and parts, I've written to Loren Perry to ask him if he is going to make them available for sale. I hope to have an answer for you.