VG-21 Squadron


VG-21 Newsletter #2

June 25, 1990


Thanks again to all of you for attending the Woodland lunch get-together! And special thanks to Carl Sigg for providing us with safety tips on the Varga's fuel system - and to Janis Wild for providing us with "Varga Madness" pins. I submitted a short write-up on the event to "Pacific Flyer" They advised they will publish it in their July issue.

Hart Jewell will host our next fly-in at Shellville, "noon-ish", on Saturday, August 18 - in spite of a technical difficulty! Finding a date that didn't conflict with various fly-ins and the tentative closure of Lampson resulted in our picking the one and only weekend that the "food lady" at Shellville will be out of town. Ever mindful that we are all a little "Mad", we decided none of us would mind bringing our own lunch! So bring your brown bags and Hart will provide the drinks. All this to take place at Hart's hangar. This will give us a great opportunity to discuss our favorite subjects (Vargas and flying and Schinns and flying). Hart will try to round up enough chairs for everyone, but if you have one or two that will fit in your plane, please bring it/them along. Hart advises Shellville Unicom is 122.9 and cautions that many, many aircraft flying in and out of Shellville either don't have radios or don't use them - so heads up, everyone.

So All

Len Peters passed along what I thought was a good idea. Let's all jot down our aircraft insurance coverage, premium amount, and insurance company and bring it with us. By comparing notes, we may find we could be with a better company! Bring along any other "tips" we could find helpful, too - and don't forget your brown bags and favorite back-seat Varga pilot.

Am enclosing the list of our Mad Varga folks, as promised. Check your information and if I've made errors, I'11 be happy to revise it!

See you on August 18 at Shellville - you, too, Joe Conner?


Pat Beery


Reproduction courtesy of Lake Aero Styling Lampson Field Lakeport, CA