VG-21 Squadron


Varga/Shinn VC-21 Squadron

No. 18 March 8, 1994

Thanks to our daughter, Karen, we are enclosing an updated membership list and we now have mailing labels, as well. Something we've needed for a long time. You'll notice we have several new members:

Jerry Hoogerwerf purchased from Pacific Air Academy in Honolulu, 1979 SN 133 N8287J with 2800 hrs, 800 on major. Jerry plans to lease it to a flight school for use as a trainer.

James C Nancy Bennet have a 1959 Morrisey 2150, FP-7. Unfortunately, that's the only information I have. J.C., please let us hear from you!

Bill & Margaret Como owned an Aeronca 7AC about 20 years ago. They saw a Varga while visiting relatives in Daytona Beach and may now be interested in buying one.

Mark Palesh purchased (successful bidder) from the Alaska Civil Air Patrol 1979 2150 N8288J with 1400 hrs. Mark is the City Manager for Juneau and as such, is also in charge of the airport. At the time he called, he was waiting for the weather to improve enough to get it from Anchorage to Juneau.

George Goettl and his father, Bruce purchased their 2180 with 450 hrs. in Baltimore and flew it home to Phoenix. N8463J was always hangared and the previous owner purchased it new.

Ken Harris doesn't own a Varga, but is looking for a "Varga Project". He's joined our group and will be receiving newsletters.

John Vance provided us with a copy of "Affordable Aviation" featuring the Varga and gave the VG-21 Squadron a lot of exposure. We received several calls as a result of the article. John, thanks so very much!

Richard Cudney had a great idea and sent a check to pay for an ad in "Trade-A-Plane". Beginning late February and running for 5 issues, the VG-21 Type Club will be listed under "Varga Misc." Richard, we all thank you!

Vargas for Sale - We receive many calls and notes from people wanting to know of any Vargas for sale. Currently, I'm telling these people that the following members may sell their planes: Keith Mashburn, Don Sparrow, and Rich Kendall, If any of you have sold your plane or taken it off the market, please, please let me know! Also, if you would like me to refer prospective buyers to you, let me know. We ain't "Trade-A-Plane", but we do our best.

VARGA (For Sale) 1978 VARGA (1M) 7/8, MK12D, KT78, enc. Real clean. 210OTT. 150 SMOH. RidgeAire. Inc., (TX) 903, 586-1521; FAX 9512

1978 2150A. 985TT, M170B, TXP w/Mode C, VOR. One owner. Immaculate 9+. always hangered. Must see to appreciate. $33,000. 415, 897-3797; 415, 883-7842. tf

VARGA MISCELLANEOUS (Parts, Services, Etc.) VARGA SHINN MORRISEY type club VG-21 Sqd. dedicated to sharing maint. 937 STC's parts into. Presently over 50 members receive newsletters. Non-profit, Pat Beery, 707, 279-0259. ap1

For Sale - 1979 Varga 2150A, N8348J $32,500. 2800TT, 200 since factory new. Basic panel Escort 110 radio. Glass-8, Paint-7, new wool & vinyl int. A/C painted maroon w/white, yellow, blue trim. Ctc Skip Frank, Conquest Helicopters, 1123 NW Graham Rd., Troutdale, OR 97060 (503) 661-1452. Skip will deliver.

John & Nina Vance advised that they escaped the L.A. (Malibu) fire, flood and earthquake! Thanks for letting us know - many members had asked about you.

Pat Baylor is a lucky winner! In our November Newsletter, we advised that D&D Aircraft Supply had set up Kit V801 containing stainless steel screws and fasteners for the Varga aircraft. Doug, at D&D, sent us a complimentary kit. As planned, all of you who sent us $2.00 to cover mailing, had your names put in a hat and the drawing was held January 1st. Pat Baylor won! I returned the $2.00 checks to all the unsuccessful entrants. Congratulations, Pat.

Wanted - Right Aileron. Someone ran into Pat Baylor's Varga. If you have a spare or would like to re-work hers, please contact Pat.

Wanted - Wrecked Varga or one that needs rebuilding or a lot of TLC. Please contact Ken Harris.

Wanted - 337's and STC's. If you haven't mailed us copies of those you have, PLEASE take the time and do it. They're a big help to your fellow VG-21 Sqd. members! Already on file, we have the following 337's: Canopy Top Plexiglass, Wheel Pant Installation, 160 HP Engine Conversion, Carburetor Braceing, Oil Separator Kit, Wing Rib Repair, Rear Seat Stowage Bin Addition, Nose Wheel Centering Assist. We have no STC's on file. We particularly need a copy of the STC on Fuel Type Change as well as any other STC's you may have. HELP!

Wanted - Pictures of you and the airplane for the photo album! Aren't you sick of me pleading for pictures?!

Available - Canopy Covers. Tom Blaine of "Bruce's Custom Covers", 910 East California Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, ph 800-777-6405, phoned to advise that they can and will make canopy covers more for our aircraft. Give them a call for more info.

Available - Owners Manual. I had a copy of mine copied and spiral-bound. If anyone wants it, $6.00 will cover my copying cost and mailing it. Let me know.

Available - Aviation shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, decals, etc. from Wing Walker Aviation and ACE Jobbers. I was in Tucson last week and stopped in to see these great people. You may have met some of them at an air show. They plan to produce a catalog in the near future and will send me one. In the meantime, their address is: 6546 E. 22nd St., Tucson, AZ 85710, phone 800-952-8723.

Available - Wing Walker Aviation and ACE Jobbers quoted me a price of $12.00 for a special-designed VG-21 Squadron white T-shirt in a quantity of 50. Are there 50 of you who want one? Let me know by May 1st if you are - don't send money! We'll see if the idea is feasible.

The Varga Service Center, as our hangar is lovingly named, has a new home, We bought a hangar on the north side of the field, moved out of the one we rented near the restaurant, and moved in the last of December. The phone number remains the same: 707-263-0729. Frank Gulick was one of our first Varga visitors who went home a happy man (I think). Lee's hobby is "playing airplane" and he can't stand to see a Varga in need of some little thing. He grabs a screwdriver in one hand, a wrench in the other, and don't get in his way! Frank got a fresh oil change, lubricated fuel shut off valves and something else which I can't remember. The point of this story is, if any of you can fly up our way, we'd love to sea you - just give us a call first!

How and Why We Got Our Name -and this is worth reading! When we were an 8 member strong group (our first fly-in), Janis wild suggested we call ourselves the "VG-21 Squadron". She knew that VG-21 is the FAA's ATC aircraft type designator code for all Morriseys, Shinns and Vargas. We thank our daughter Karen, who is employed by the FAA at Oakland Center for providing us with additional Information on how these type codes help controllers. For example, if you were to contact Denver Center and give them your aircraft make and "N" number, more than likely the controller will not know what a Varga is and will ask you to "say type". When you respond that you are a Victor Gulf two one, the controller inputs that info into his/her computer which instantly gives the controller information as to the type of aircraft (land, seaplane, amphibian, helicopter), type of engines, number of engines, weight, speed, climb and descend rates. Every aircraft in the world has a "type" designator number. The prominent types are easy to figure out, such as a Cessna 150 is a C-150 and a Piper Cherokee is a PA-28, but if you know someone that flies an Alon Aircoupe, I'11 bet they don't know that their designator is FO-2.


May 4 - Fly to Columbia, CA for lunch in historic Columbia. This is always fun and we've scheduled it for mid-week (Wed.) for those that can't fly on the weekends!

June 5 & 6 - Fly to Paso Robles, CA for 5th annual air show and Formula 1 air races. Put on by Estrella Warbirds Museum and Estrella Sqd. of CAF. Theme is "Turning of the Tide" features past and current warbirds. Contact Chamber of Commerce (805) 238-0506. Bob Foote keeps his Shinn there and bet he'd like to hear from you if you plan to attendl

Oct. 1 & 2 - Salome, AZ for Maintenance Seminar/Annual Meeting. Mary & Chet Sweeley are hosts! Indian Hills Airpark is restricted, but O.K. for us to land as guests of Mary & Chet. For us "I Follow Roads" navigators, get out a road map and find Blythe, CA on Route 10, continue East on Route 10 until you hang a turn on Route 60. The airpark altitude is 1860, runway length is 2650. No fuel, so fill up at Wicksburg or Blythe. Runways are 29-11, NO lights. Mary is planning a Bar-B-Q for Saturday night (told her we'd all chip in to pay for the food) and Sunday breakfast in town for $2.50 (for the works). Bring your sleeping bags and sleep in the pilots lounge (air-conditioned and heat, bathroom, coffee) or stay in motel downtown (ground transportation provided). The temp. in early Oct. is usually around 100 during the day with winds picking up in the afternoon. You must notify Mary at least a week in advance if you plan to be there! See membership list for address and phone number.

OSHKOSH /94 EAA Thursday July 28 - Wednesday August 3

Thursday July 28

I just received a letter from Max Bishop on the proposed EAA Oshkosh fly-in VG-21 Sqd. gathering. Max says the suggestion made at our last Maint. Seminar about flying to Shawano sounds good to him. Max called the EAA hot line about motel space in or near Oshkosh but got little encouragement. Max feels the EAA has made deals with all the local motels so they are sure to have rooms for vendors, display participants, and dignitaries. Shawano is west and a little north of Green Bay, about 48 NM from Oshkosh and, as I recall, about an hour and a half drive. Shawano Municipal (3WO) features seaplane as well as land planes as Shawano Lake borders the north side of the airport. A Best Western Motel (715-526-9595) is an easy 1/4 mile walk from the airport and the Pine Acre Motel is only 1/2 mile away (526-5189). Lee and I have stayed at the Washington Inn (honeymoon suite, no less) and found it to be great. Very modest prices compared to California. What happens is, during the time frame of the Oshkosh extravaganza, some of the thousand or so Oshkosh show participants "fly-out" to Shawano for a Mini-Oshkosh. So far, Max has only convinced Pat Baylor and Rosemary DeAngelo to join him but that number will probably grow rapidly as warm weather approaches. With the membership growing like it has this past year, I wouldn't be surprised if more than ten VG-21 members fly to Shawano. Max plans on taking a two week vacation from July 24 through August 6 to allow plenty of time. His plan is to arrive at Oshkosh (Shawano) on Wednesday the 27th or Thursday the 28th and start back on Monday or Tuesday. Max also said he was hoping at least one Varga would pass through Phoenix so he could tag along. I think he said his VOR is wimpy, his whiskey compass is dry, and he has a hard time finding Tucson. (Sorry, Max, I just couldn't resist that!) Please, anyone planning on this outing, contact Max as soon as you can!