VG-21 Squadron


Varga I Shinn VG-21 Squadron

No. 12 Aug. 29, 1992

My dad is in a convalescent hospital, I'm home again after a second trip to Tucson, and while I'm not sure my spelling and typing are much better than Lee's, I'11 give it a try.

The FAA finally returned my Standard Airworthiness Certificate and issued a one-time field approval on the engine (and what a difference that engine makes) and I have a fresh bi-annual. What more can a Varga pilot want?!

HELP ! HELP! HELP! One of you called and asked for some copies of 337's dealing with wheel pants. I made the copies, brought them home, made an emergency trip to Tucson (the 2nd trip), and when I came home could not remember who asked for them, Believe it was a call from Pennsylvania, but not sure. Whoever you are, first my sincerest apologies, secondly, please let me know who you are and I promise they will be in the mail immediately, Again, my apologies and I can only hope you understand.


This is your meeting. The time to share your problems, solutions questions, answers and improvements. A lot of Vargas and Shinns flew in last year and apparently found it informative because we were urged to do it again this year. Hope many, many of you can attend. Try and let me know if you plan to come so I can make reservations for lunch at the Skyroom Restaurant on the field. Plan to arrive as early Saturday morning as possible. For those of you wanting to overnight, suggest you call for room reservations and car rentals early. The annual sea plane fly-in is the same weekend, so availability may be a little limited. (All phone numbers listed below are Area Code 707, except the 800 numbers, of course.

Lake County Rent-A-Car - 263-4036 (mention our name and that you're participating in a Varga/Shinn fly-in) U-Save Auto Rental - 263-8744 Creekside Lodge - 279-9258 Konocti Harbor Resort ~ Spa - 800-862-4930 (or 279-4281) Anchorage Inn - 263-5417 Kelseyville Motel - 279-1874 Skylark Motel - 800-675-6151 (or 263-6151)

Loren Ferry has been in touch and advises preparations are underway for building Vargas. He was kind enough to mail us a polo shirt which we'll give away as a door prize at the Maintenance Meeting. With any luck, Loren, perhaps your business travels will bring you to Calif. that weekend and you can attend, too! These shirts are for sale and can be ordered from him at Southern Machine & Tool, 1789 15th St., Augusta, GA 30904 (ph: 404-733-9483).