VG-21 Squadron


Varga / Shinn VG·21 Squadron

No. 10 Feb. 26. 1992

Hope everyone had 1 wonderful holiday season and you're not too tired of the IFR weather! Del Lutz braved winter weather and delighted us with a visit in January. He advised that enroute home to Dallas, he had to give up and leave his Varga in Midland and returned for it a few days later. Rolf Lehman and Hart Jewell flew in and joined us for lunch last Saturday, and on Sunday, Jack and Lyn Skarratt flew in and joined us for coffee. It was the first VFR weekend in several weeks in this area and the Vargas were enjoying it, including me in mine!

NEW MEMBERS. Welcome several new members to our group. A couple of them have requested our assistance. Thanks to them, our copying and mailing fund remains in good shape.

Richard (Dick) Van Lew, 5877 E. Fair Place. Englewood, CO 80111 sent a donation for our fund so that he will receive our Newsletters. He requests we help him find a Varga to buy. If I understand his letter correctly, he's intesented in a 2150A, but is requesting any information we may have on the 2180. Dick, I suggest you contact Del Lutz. 214-233-8858 and/or Bill Clark 805-948-8191, both of whom own and fly a 2180.

Dick Pedersen, _N6490 County Road I, Tony, WI 54563 (715-532-6276) flies Varga N8422J (1980) which he rebuilt last winter. The former owner ran out of gas on takeoff and put it on its back in a soft field. He's an IA and a sheetmetal man and had to make most of the required parts himself. Since then, he's purchased another wrecked Varga. N8256J (1978). This one also ran out of fuel, landed short of runway, and went into a ditch. Apparently this one in really a basket case. He plans to start rebuilding it this summer and wants to know if any of us have parts, jigs, or if anyone can make parts for him. He's offered to write articles for our Newsletters about the rebuilding of his two Vargas. Yes Dick - send articles!!!

Thomas J. Williams, M.D., 1085 Urlin Ave., Columbus. OH 43212 (614-486-4252) was kind enough to send up a donation, but failed to give me any information about his Varga. A return note to him requested the N number, etc., but haven't heard from you yet, Dr. Williams! Tom is suggesting we all fly to Oshkosh. He has volunteered to coordinate the Varga fly-in to Oshkosh and contact various other Varga owners he knows in the East. If you're interested, please let me know!

Bill Bolster, P.O. Box 1041, Joshua Tree. CA 92252 (619-366-8385). Bill owns Varga N4642V (1978) and his home field is Hi Desert (L8O). Total Hours 1,590. Bill is interested in geology and loves to fly his Varga low over the desert. Bill you and Del Lutz (phone no. above) may have a lot in common. He's a retired geologist. Bill has offered to host a fly-in for us at Hi Desert (24nm NE of Palm Springs), and I've accepted! We've been searching for a So. California destination for a long time and this appears ideal. Hi Desert features a spacious lounge, bar-b-q area, and a swimming pool. Two rooms ($20/day) available at the airport, camping and a bunkhouse also available at $5/day. Bill says we are welcome also to camp at his house, located within walkable distance from the airport. Motels in Joshua Tree: Oleander Motel 619-366-8614, Safari Motor Inn 619-366-3111, Joshua Tree Inn 619-366-2231. Courtesy car on field and Bill will also provide needed ground transportation in his car. Bring your own tie-downs (both stakes and ropes)! Call Bill at 619-366-8385 and let him know you're coming. Please give him as much advance notice as you can. Why not mark your calendars and call him NOW? And Bill, we thank you! And we'll all try to see you April 4th and 5th!

SHIRTS. We have a sufficient number of new members so that I can re-order VG-21 Squadron polo-style mesh knit shirts if there is an interest. Please advise me by letter or phone (707-279-0259) no later than March 8 of your size (S, M, L, XL) and color selection (royal blue, red, yellow, grey, black, light blue, kelley green navy, white, dark green, maroon, or teal). The shirts will have "Varga/Shinn VG-21 Squadron" and your first name embroidered in a contrasting color. The price is $26 ($19 for the shirt, $5 for the embroidery, and $2 for shipping).

AIRCRAFT PAINTING. We have a firm that does excellent painting at a very reasonable price. Everything is taken off, new stainless steel screws, superb detailing, all appropriate decals and lettering re-done, workmanship is outstanding! The firm is: Aero Detail, at Josephine County Airport, Grants Pass, Ore. Contact owner Gene Lattimer, 503-479-1135. They painted a Tomahawk based at Lampson. If you want to see an example of their work, let me know and I'11 arrange it.

TRIVIA. Just for fun, scanned our membership list and found that we have among US, two 2180's, two taildraggers, seven painted in military paint schemes, and four are owned and flown by females.

VARGA FOR SALE. We have verified that the Varga taildragger owned by Al Homan is still available for sale. Contact him at 916-221-3261.

1992 FLY-IN SCHEDULE. I've listened to everyone who had a suggestion of where we could go and, recognizing not everyone can come to all of them, we've planned the following:

April 4-5 - Hi Desert Airport, Joshua Tree, CA June 5-7 - Merced Fly-in May 16 - Lincoln, CA July 24-26 - Ruth, CA - Flying AA Ranch Sept. 26-27 - Lampson Field, Lakeport, CA Annual maintenance meeting.

Mark your calendars and come!

Pat Beery