Varga / Shinn VG-21 Squadron




By Lee Beery



Repetitive maintenance by you and/or your mechanic is the best hedge you have over the high cost of aircraft upkeep.  It has been my experience that a little time and money spent on your aircraft now can and will save you money in the long run.  One good approach to making good your intentions is to use a calendar to prompt your actions.  If you don't have a Varga Maintenance Manual to help schedule and list your jobs to do, you could borrow from my list.  All you do is mark your calendar accordingly.


We will assume you fly very little during the winter months and average flying about 80/100 hours a year.  We will also assume your aircraft is given a GOOD annual inspection/maintenance visit.  Once you become accustomed to doing these tasks in sequence, you will be amazed how little time it takes to keep your aircraft in good mechanical condition.


Every 2 months


- Air tires to 50# nose, 42# mains and check tires and brake components for condition

- Add 1/2 ounce of 90# gear lubricant to main and nose gear struts through screw hole located 1/2" from center of strut


Every 3 months


- Grease main and nose gear torque links using good quality high temp grease

- Fill shimmy dampener with MIL 5606

- Add distilled water as required to aircraft battery


Every 6 months


- Remove battery and sprinkle 1/4 cup baking soda to battery box floor.  Verify battery box vent tube is clear of

  obstructions.  Check battery for condition using a Hydrometer.  Reinstall battery.  (Always remove battery negative cable

  first on removal and last on installation.)

- Lubricate canopy mechanism and rudder pedal bushings

- Lubricate piano type hinges, canopy cover, engine cover, ailerons and flaps.

- Lubricate rudder and elevator hinge points.

- Service brake reservoir to 3/4 full using MIL 5606


Every 50 hours or 6 months

- Change engine oil and inspect screen or filter for contaminants

- Inspect exhaust system for leaks at cylinder

- Inspect alternator assy mounting and belt for condition

- Clean and inspect carb air screen or filter

- Wash down engine and compartment.  Do not use anything but Stoddard Safety Solvent. Keep vacuum pump dry.

- Make close visual inspection of engine, engine mount, exhaust system, ignition harness and magneto, and all hoses and